Our Mission

We want to put the freedom to drive in everyone’s hands. We will achieve this by providing a frictionless digital service, which empowers communities of like-minded drivers to access cars wherever and whenever they want. In doing so, we seek to optimize the costs of car ownership for every customer, our communities, and the environment.

Our Values

01.Collaborate for Success

We aim to build and support communities of GetGoers who share in the freedom of driving without the burdens of car ownership. We also actively seek out like-minded partners to work together in achieving our mission.

02.Keep it Simple

We believe that things should be as simple as they can be, but not simpler. We uphold this value in everything we design and build, so that GetGoers have the best experience using our service, over and over again.

03.Innovate Constantly

We will never rest easy as we constantly and continuously think of how we can serve our community of GetGoers better. Be it our app, our cars, or our service, we strive to improve them everyday.