4 exciting racing-related activities to do during F1 Singapore 2022


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(Featured photo adapted from: Legion of Racers, SkylineLuge, KF1 Karting, and TimeOut)

Formula One (F1) Singapore is finally back! Whether you’re a die-hard fan watching from the grandstand (lucky you) or have to settle for the TV screen instead, F1 Singapore 2022 is sure to be an exciting race to witness. If F1 Singapore has you feeling the need for speed, here are a few racing-related activities that are guaranteed to satisfy your inner race car driver. 🏎

01 • Check out the Race Box for some virtual racing fun!

If you’re looking for an experience just short of actually getting behind the wheel of a high-performance car and racing other drivers, then the Race Box is for you. The Race Box is a racing simulator centre that’s powered by high-end Aftershock PCs and the latest Logitech G gaming equipment. There’s also a wide assortment of gaming titles to race to including Gran Turismo Sport, Assetto Corsa, F1 2021, and more. 

The Race Box caters to all ages and experience levels. There’s the Basic Simulator setup, which comes equipped with Next Level Racing GT Track Cockpits, and Logitech G923 Racing Wheels and Pedals. Then, there’s the more immersive Premium Racing Simulator setup, which comes with Next Level Racing FGT Elite Cockpits with Fanatec DD1 Direct Drive Racing Wheels and Fanatec V3 Pedals. Either way, you’re sure to leave the Race Box with your need for speed satisfied. 😄  

Race Box is by appointment only, so if you’re planning on doing some virtual racing, remember to book well in advance as slots fill up fast! 

📍 Address: 2 Kallang Ave, #06-02 CT Hub, Singapore 339407
📞 Phone: 8750 1507
⏰ Hours: Tues to Thurs, 1pm 8pm | Fri, 12pm – 9pm | Sat, 11am – 9pm | Sun, 11am – 6pm
💲 Pricing: https://racebox.com.sg/bookings/
🌐 Website: https://racebox.com.sg/

02 • Get some sun and racing fun with Skyline Luge Singapore

(Photo: Skyline Luge)

A luge cart may not look and feel like a traditional go-kart as it’s more of a sled with bicycle handlebars for steering. But make no mistake — it’s a fun ride well worth the cost of admission. So if you’re looking for fun activities to do during F1 Singapore, don’t forget to add Skyline Luge to your list.

To start racing, you first need to take the skyline (think ski lift but without the snow covered slopes) up to the starting line, then it’s all downhill from there — literally. The downward incline is what gives the luge carts their acceleration through four different tracks featuring tight corners, tunnels and straightaways through the lush jungle landscape. 

Once you’re done with the roughly 2.6km ride downhill, chances are you’ll want to give it another go. Thankfully, Skyline Luge has several promotions and discounts to keep you racing to your heart’s content!

Walk-ins are welcome, but it’s recommended to book tickets online to confirm your time slot as there’s a limit on the number of riders Skyline Luge can accommodate per hour. 

📍 Address: 45 Siloso Beach Walk, Sentosa
📞 Phone: 6274 0472
⏰ Hours: Sun to Thurs, 11am – 7.30pm | Fri and Sat, 11am – 9.30pm
💲 Pricing: https://www.skylineluge.com/en/sentosa/prices/
🌐 Website: https://www.skylineluge.com/en/sentosa/

03 • Get behind the wheel of a miniature race car with KF1 Karting

(Photo: KKday)

If you’re in the mood for F1-style racing on a miniature scale, complete with winding tracks and the roar of petrol-powered engines — then KF1 Karting is the perfect place to get your race fix! KF1 features two professionally designed tracks in Kranji (960m with 18 turns) and Expo (750m with 16 turns). It also has basic go-karts that can go up to 30kph and advanced go-karts that can go up 50kph — that’s fast enough to require a valid car or motorbike licence (not joking)!

Whether it’s your first time driving a go-kart or you’re the Lewis Hamilton of the go-kart circuit, KF1 has something for every racing enthusiast. Do take note that there’s a dress code for your protection (i.e., wear comfortable pants or shorts, no loose clothing, no skirts or scarves, etc.). As for head protection, KF1 will provide you with a racing helmet to wear while you drive your way to victory.

Walk-ins are welcome, but it’s recommended to book your rides online to confirm the availability of racing slots. 

📍 Address: KF1 Karting Circuit, 1 Turf Club Ave, Singapore 738078. View the other location here.
📞 Phone: 6891 1191
⏰ Hours: Tues to Fri 1pm – 9pm | Weekend & PH, 9am – 9pm
💲 Pricing: https://kf1karting.com/pages/kranji-fun-kart
🌐 Website: https://kf1karting.com/

04 • Leave the pavement and go off road with Mud Krank

(Photo: TimeOut)

Pavement isn’t the only surface available for racing. Believe it or not, you can get your racing fix on a rural farm in Kranji, riding around in all-terrain vehicles (ATVs). Mud Krank is Singapore’s one and only ATV riding centre, giving children and adults the chance to have some high-octane fun riding around in the dirt, dust and mud. In fact, Mud Krank stays open rain or shine, welcoming rainy weather and muddy trails to give you an authentic off-road ATV experience. Speaking of the ATVs, Mud Krank has two types to cater to both kids and adults.

There are dress code requirements to ride the ATVs. For protection, Mud Krank provides a helmet, elbow guards and knee guards at no additional cost. Depending on the weather conditions, it might be a good idea to bring an extra set of clothes just in case you get wet.

Mud Krank is by appointment only, so book online early to confirm your time slot(s) as there’s a limit on the number of riders per time slot. 

📍 Address: Gallop Kranji Farm Resort, 10 Neo Tiew Lane 2 , Farm H, Singapore 718813
⏰ Hours: Tues to Sun, 2pm – 9.50pm
💲 Pricing: $20 – $40 per ride
🌐 Website: https://mudkrank.com/

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