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They complete their first drive with $8 referral discount

You get $8 discount on your next drive automatically!


How many referral discounts can I use per booking?

You may use only 1 referral discount, which amounts to $8, for every booking.

Can I stack my referral discount with a promo code?

Yes, you can stack your referral discount with a promo code in the same booking.

How do I apply my discount to my booking?

Your $8 discount will apply automatically to your next booking.

How do I remind my invitees to use my referral code?

Go to Referral > Referral history > Signed up > tap Remind button

Is there a cap on how many referral discounts I can earn?

There’s no cap on the number of referral discounts you can earn. The more
successful referrals you make, the more you earn.