Carsharing in Singapore like a pro: How to unlock the coolest features in GetGo cars


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There’s a world of awesome car features that carsharing users in Singapore can’t miss out on — and we’re here to guide you on how to experience some of the coolest innovations available in GetGo’s fleet.

We’re talking about zero-gravity seats, ambient lighting, and more. By the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll have all the info you need to cruise down the road feeling like the cool kid. 😎

01 • Polestar 2

(Photo: Michael Simari)

Forget your keys and the push button start! With the Polestar 2, you only need to sit in the driver’s seat, and the car will start! This Electric Vehicle (EV) is every tech lover’s dream, with endless features to make your drive unforgettable.

The Polestar 2 has a huge panoramic roof, which provides fantastic views of Singapore’s glittering skyline and gorgeous sunsets. It also features Harman Kardon premium speakers, so you can stream your favourite music in crisp, high-quality audio. The infotainment system works like a tablet — all you need to do is sign in with your Google account, and all your apps will appear on the display.

The front seats are heated for added comfort for rainy and chilly days. There’s also a 360-degree camera to give you an aerial view of the car for smarter and safer driving. What’s not to love about carsharing in Singapore with the Polestar 2?

02 • Mercedes Benz C180

(Photo adapted from: Carbuyer)

The Mercedez Benz C180 is a luxury sedan that enables you to adjust many of the car’s features to your driving preferences. To make the seat just right, there’s an 8-Way Electric Driver Seat controlled by buttons on the right side of the driver’s door. You can also save up to 3 different seat positions so you can feel right at home.

To further personalise your drive according to your mood and style, you can adjust the multicoloured ambient lighting that illuminates the dashboard and door panels. Even the rear space is adjustable and can be folded into a 40/20/40 split if you need more room in the back for longer drives.

The C180 truly puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to customising your carsharing experience.

03 • Hyundai IONIQ 5

(Photo adapted from: Wired)

The IONIQ 5 is Hyundai’s all-electric compact SUV. This futuristic vehicle has features you don’t want to miss — and all of them are easy to use, thanks to the IONIQ 5’s sleek and neat control displays.

If you’re headed out for a day trip with your loved ones, use the front boot under the bonnet to store extra items without overcrowding the rear boot. There’s also a built-in 3-pin plug socket to illuminate your picnic or charge your gadgets.

The IONIQ 5 has a Blind Spot Collision Warning system and a Lane Keeping Assist system that applies countersteering torque to guide your car back to its lane if it detects that you’re deviating.

This comfortable EV also features zero-gravity front seats with leg rests that allow front passengers to recline as if they’re floating. Another exciting feature about this EV is that its body is made from recycled materials and coated with a special bio paint made from rapeseed flowers and corn extract. Talk about sustainable driving!

04 • BYD Atto 3

(Photo: BYD)

This premium electric SUV is perfect for music lovers. The interior is fully inspired by music and fitness, making your journey sleek and groovy. Once you hop into the Atto 3, you’ll notice that the doors have red elastic strings that sound like musical notes when you strum them. Even better, you can even customise the signalling sound! For gym enthusiasts, the dashboard has been designed to resemble toned muscle and opening the door requires you to pull the handles backwards like a rowing machine. 🦾

Beyond its innovative design, the Atto 3’s technologies are also brag-worthy. The central touchscreen on the dashboard responds to your voice and can be rotated between portrait and landscape. This EV also has an Adaptive Headlights system that automatically switches between high and low beams, depending on the situation.

There’s so much more to discover about the Atto 3, so make the most out of your carsharing experience and try it out.

05 • Suzuki Swift

(Photo adapted from: Carbuyer)

The Suzuki Swift hatchback comes loaded with features that’ll level up any drive, especially when it comes to its intuitive interior features. For an entry-level car, it comes well-equipped with adaptive cruise control technology and the Lane Departure Warning system to make your journeys safer. It can also sense the front vehicle’s speed and adjust yours accordingly.

On top of that, the Swift has race-style paddle shifters that’ll make you feel like you’re an F1 driver — just remember to always adhere to road rules, though.

Happy discovering!
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