New on the GetGo app: In-app electric vehicle (EV) charging


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As a carsharing platform that believes in sustainable mobility and supports Singapore’s mission to achieve net zero emissions, we’ve been finding ways to make charging our EVs as simple and convenient as refuelling our regular cars.

And we’re happy to share that you’ll now be able to charge your booked EVs easily through the GetGo app!

Read on to find out more about our latest feature.

How our latest feature improves your EV driving experience

Our new feature allows you to do the following through the app:

We’ve integrated our app with CDG ENGIE, one of Singapore’s leading EV charging providers, with over 400 charging stations islandwide. This means you can now charge your booked EV easily through our app — at no cost to you.

Learn how easy it is to charge your EV.

You’ll now be able to access Google My Maps through our app to find CDG ENGIE charging stations near you.

Learn how to find nearby CDG ENGIE charging stations.

Need to get something done while waiting for your EV to charge? Simply use the app to check the car’s battery level and plan your errand run around it.

Want to help the next user have a great drive too? Just end your booking at the EV’s charging lot and leave it to charge*.

Learn how to end your booking at an EV charging lot.

*Only applicable to EVs with suggested charging lots in their home car park. Learn more.

Nail down the basics

It’s absolutely normal to feel jittery when trying out something new — we’ve been there too! Here are some useful guides we think will help you start your adventure more confidently:

Starting your booking

During your booking

Ending your booking

Experience the convenience of booking and driving an EV with GetGo from just $4/hour. Use code G50BLOG to enjoy 50% off (up to $8) your first drive.

*Code is only valid for the first booking. Other T&Cs apply.

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