Where to buy stored value cards like CashCard in Singapore


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Stored value cards like CashCard and NETS Flashpay need no introduction for anyone who lives in or travels to Singapore. To the uninitiated, they’re contactless smartcards that can be used for all your transport and commuting needs.

If you’re unsure of where to get them or what to use them for, you’ve come to the right place — here’s your go-to guide on where to buy stored value cards like CashCard in Singapore.

What stored value cards are available in Singapore?

There are a few different types of stored value cards in Singapore like CashCard, NETS Flashpay, EZ-Link card, and the EZ-Link Motoring card. There’s also the NETS Motoring Card, which was just rolled out a few years ago. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

NETS CashCard, NETS Flashpay card, and NETS vCashCard

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NETS CashCard is a stored value card that’s used for making payment at car parks and Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) gantries.

To use them while driving, simply insert the card into your In-vehicle Unit (IU) device, which enables payments to be deducted automatically at gantries. Before buying one of these cards, be sure to check if it’s compatible with your vehicle’s IU device so that your payments go through successfully.

Please take note that the NETS CashCard is set to be phased out and will be replaced by the NETS Motoring Card.

NETS vCashCard is a virtual wallet that provides the same service.

Sign up for vCashCard through the NETS website and complete the online application. After successful registration, you can start using it by linking your vCashCard to the NETS App. This process includes entering your vehicle details into the app too.

Keep in mind each vCashCard can only accommodate up to three vehicles per person. Similarly, each vehicle can only be connected to one vCashCard at a time. Learn more about setting up your vCashCard in your NETS App here.

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Where to buy NETS CashCard

You can purchase NETS CashCard either at the NETS Customer Service Centre or at petrol stations islandwide. Please note that the sale of CashCards at petrol stations is subject to availability.

📍 NETS Customer Service Centre address: 351 Braddell Road, #01-03, Singapore 579713
⏰ Opening hours: 8.30am – 5.30pm

EZ-Link card

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Another card that uses CEPAS technology, the EZ-Link card, is one of the most popular stored value cards in Singapore. It allows you to pay for parking, ERP, all modes of public transport, private buses, and even taxis.

You can also use it at restaurants, retail establishments, entertainment outlets, libraries, community clubs, and even self-service vending machines and photo booths.

From 1 June 2024 onwards, non-SimplyGo EZ-Link adult cards are no longer accepted for transit and retail fees. However, it remains usable for ERP and parking charges so long as the EZ-Link card has not been upgraded to SimplyGo.

Where to buy the EZ-Link card

You can purchase an EZ-Link card at MRT stations, bus interchanges, convenience stores, e-commerce platforms, as well as selected vending machines and retail outlets across Singapore.

EZ-Link Motoring card

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The EZ-Link Motoring card is a contactless stored value card meant for ERP and parking fares. Just like the EZ-Link card, it can also be used for retail and public transportation payments.

Using it alongside the EZ-Link App offers you free card blocking, Auto top-up, and redeemable rewards.

Where to buy the EZ-Link Motoring card

You can purchase an EZ-Link Motoring card at Vicom Inspection centres, STA Inspection centres, convenience stores, and the EZ-Link Shopee shop.

NETS Motoring Card

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Last but not least, the NETS Motoring Card is the newly launched version of CashCard. It’s the only card that’s accepted at all car parks in Singapore. It’s also compatible with both the current dual-mode IU device and the upcoming on-board unit (OBU).


Where to buy the NETS Motoring Card

You can purchase a NETS Motoring Card at the NETS Customer Service Centre, convenience stores (7-Eleven, Cheers, Buzz Pods, and FairPrice Xpress), petrol stations, and e-commerce platforms.

Where to buy stored value cards like CashCard in Singapore?

Which stored value cards can you use in a GetGo car?

To keep things simple and convenient for our users, all of our GetGo cars are fitted with IU devices that are compatible with NETS CashCards, NETS Motoring Cards, and EZ-Link cards.

Please make sure to check for the ERP logo at the back of your card before starting your drive. You won’t be able to use any stored value card that doesn’t have the ERP logo (including the new generation EZ-Link card).

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Now that you know where to get your stored value card, we bet you’re ready to hit the road! Download GetGo now to book a car within minutes from over 1,500 locations islandwide.

Enjoy your drive!
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