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GetGo is the largest carsharing service in Singapore, with over 1,300 locations islandwide. Download the app now to rent a car anytime, anywhere with no deposit or membership fees.

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Why GetGo?


Register, book, and drive on GetGo’s mobile app anytime, anywhere.


No deposit and no membership fees required! Pay only for the hours and mileage used.


We provide islandwide station coverage with vehicles available 24/7.

GetGo has over 1400 locations islandwide.

We’re the largest carsharing service in Singapore, with more than 2,100 cars in over 1,400 locations islandwide.

Why GetGo?

GetGo has over 1,300 locations islandwide.

We’re the largest carsharing service in Singapore, with more than 1,700 cars in over 1,300 locations islandwide.

Ready to GetGo?

All it takes is just 3 steps.

Ready to GetGo?

All it takes is just 3 steps.

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Ready to GetGo?

All it takes is just 3 steps.

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About GetGo

GetGo is the largest Point A-to-A carsharing service in Singapore. It’s the simplest way to access a car in Singapore and your key to carsharing! Simply register, book, and unlock GetGo cars on our mobile app. Our cars are always available 24/7, rain or shine.

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Our Rates

Renting a car with us is easy! We take care of the insurance, maintenance and even petrol – just pay only for the hours and mileage used.

Our Rates

Renting a car with us is easy! We take care of the insurance, maintenance and even petrol – just pay only for the hours and mileage used.

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Best car sharing platform out there. 15 mins is all it takes from downloading app to driving the car.
Alex Neo, 26/08/2021

I love the quick sign-up that enable me to go from zero to booking in 5mins. Rates look reasonable for the quality of vehicle provided.

Jeremy, 03/03/21
The app is simple to use, and the Customer Service team is amazing – my queries always get answered within a reasonable timeframe. The cars are well-maintained too; coupled with a rather considerate user base who treats the cars well.
99colours_, 18/06/2021
Getgo’s ease of using and consumer friendly application makes renting a car seamless and makes the experience a whole lot better. No extra costs on top of that, no authorisation charges, no membership fees, no petrol, no key which gives less things for users to worry about like a lost car key. Just unlock with the phone, sit in and step on pedals. Easy drive, easy life. #FreedomToDrive materialised in getgo’s app. Thank you
Luke Anthony, 13/08/2021

Easy and fast response team. Had some issue on the Bluetooth to unlock and lock the car, the team assisted with no hesitant.

Zuhajim Asmara, 15/05/21
East and Fuss-free Signing up was a breeze with SingPass. Finding a car, booking and unlocking it were all accomplished easily. The FAQs adequately addressed questions I had, and my first experience with the service was a positive one. I will be using the service again, and recommending it to my family and friends.
paperdoll, 26/02/21
Booked twice ever since I reached my 1 year mark and was never disappointed. Hassle free, efficient, fuel was the last thing on my mind. Cars were and are still in total great condition. I could just get a car a stone throw away from my block. Easy payment process too.
Iris user, 27/08/2021
I have been using Getgo for the past 3-4 months, and my experience with them is amazing!! Fast response when you need help from them, and most importantly the car is easy accessible because it’s located at my hdb carpark! Since then, i have booked more than 40+ times with them than any other rental companies!! I hope as they grow bigger, they can add more cars!!
mhdfiss, 17/09/2021
Very impressed. Clean interior and exterior. Will not hesitate to use this car sharing again.
Saleha Zahid, 03/09/2021
0 deposit and 0 trips to the petrol station – GetGo has it covered for you. Just pay for the distance you drive and park the vehicle where you took it from.
Anonymous, -

Best Car Sharing app out there! App is seamless and very straightforward. When encounter problem, do not worry as customer service replies promptly and at one point of time a representative called just to check whether issue is resolved.

Anonymous, -
Tbh, Recommended and best car sharing app out there. Hassle free and very easy to use. Kudos and keep up with providing never ending discount as well as convenience location of car ????????
amdfiz, 07/09/2021

Had my first experience with GetGo and it was pretty good! car was in mint condition and the car itself felt good while driving! Rented at 399 MSCP Sembawang Close for anyone wondering! ????

Muhammad Afiq, 12/03/21

Ease of user interface, new user to go trough FAQ which they has been doing great job covering all the basic on how to make you a GetGo driver. Again, please go trough their FAQ before you make your 1st trip for the peace of mind.

Victor Chong, 05/05/21
Easy to sign up, easy to use app and lot of cars available in your neighbourhood. Cars are clean and ride well. Kudos to Customer support team, they make the service a joy!
Rsr79, 02/08/2021
Awesome rental car! Easy access to the car at just my own housing carpark. Rented a few times. With Esso card fuelling up the car is much more easier. And even got voucher for helping them to refill the car. Job well done guys!
Zahierudin Jaffar, 25/08/2021

Best car-sharing app and UI so far. Customer service was excellent when I accidentally left my cashcard in the car after my booking. They promptly contacted the next driver and made arrangements for me to collect the cashcard from the car.

Shi Jie Leong, 29/04/21

My experience was a great one! It was seamless and such a breeze to use, overall I’d highly recommend GetGo! Great job guys!

ianionyek, 06/05/2021
Superb carsharing! Fast response. Easily available anywhere and everywhere.
Syed Firos, 22/08/2021

Quick registration for me via singpass less than 5mins . Quick scan to find cheap cars and found out already got user booking my nearby car slot . I hope they can allow pickup and return on any sites someday .Convenient ample cars to book , reasonably priced matters most for us.

Deekoh, 26/02/21

A very streamlined experience. Easy to book car, unlock/lock and complete the session. Totally hassle free. Highly recommended!

Christian Ang, 12/05/21
Easy to use, straight forward. I like it that it also allows me to advance book and the booking also allows 15mins interval timing. It gave me a good flexibility on when I need the car. The fact that I don’t need to pump petrol (refundable or no need to pay if using their Esso fuel car with refund on time spend ) is an added bonus. I think the car are quality too and I love my drive. I have been frequent users of thus car sharing.
Wilfred Toh, 13/08/2021
Recommended to those who wants to use this service. Affordable and price worthy as quality/cleanliness of the cars available is fantastic!
jacko.jacky, 02/05/20