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Nissan Qashqai

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5 Seater




  • 2 large
  • 2 small luggages


1.2L 4-cylinder in-line 16-valve DOHC Turbocharged 7-speed (A) Xtronic CVT with Manual mode FWD

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Where do I park the car at the end of my booking?2023-03-24T16:38:21+08:00

We’re a Point A-to-A service, so you’ll have to return your car to the same lot you picked it up from. If you’re unsure of the carpark details, you can find it in your Booking page.

Do I need to pay to refuel?2023-03-24T16:38:16+08:00

We provide an ESSO Fuel Card in each vehicle (check the driver’s side sun visor). Just visit the nearest ESSO Petrol Kiosk to refuel with the ESSO Fuel Card and PIN.

Can I rent a car with GetGo?2023-04-26T16:36:08+08:00

You can rent a car with GetGo if you:

  • Have a valid driving license
  • Are aged 19-24 with 1 year of driving experience
  • Are 25 years old or older with a P-plate licence
Can I use my EZ-Link card as a CashCard?2023-03-24T16:38:06+08:00
Yes, because all our cars have dual-mode IUs that allow you to use your EZ-Link card as a CashCard.
Do I have to pay any deposit or membership fees?2023-03-24T16:38:11+08:00

No, you only need to pay for hours and mileage used during your drive.


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