A quick guide to charging an EV (plus some free EV charging stations in Singapore)


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If you’re new to electric vehicles (EV), looking for charging stations can be as confusing as trying to figure out how to charge an EV. And ideally, you wouldn’t want to wait until the last minute when you’re running out of car juice to find out where the nearest station is. Here’s our guide to charging your EV and a list of charging station providers in Singapore — plus, some free EV charging stations! Read through and bookmark this blog post for quick reference.

First, some basics

In Singapore, you’ll be able to find mostly two types of EV chargers — the Mennekes (Type 2) charger and the Combined Charging System 2 (CCS2). The difference between these two types is that the former uses alternating current (AC) whereas the latter uses direct current (DC).

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Which is the faster option — AC or DC?

The thing with AC charging is that its speed depends on the onboard charger that’s fitted in your EV itself. If a particular EV charging station offers 43kWh of current but your EV’s onboard charger is only capped at 11 kWh, then only 11kW of electricity will be charged per hour.

On the other hand, DC chargers are much faster because they convert electricity in the charger itself before entering your vehicle. Not only that, your EV will also be able to take in much higher voltage speeds, usually 50 kWh or more.

Which type of charger you’ll be able to use ultimately depends on your EV model. While some cars can only accommodate AC charging, others, like the Hyundai IONIQ, can accept both fast and slow charging.

EV charging cost

There’s no doubt that recharging an EV in Singapore costs much less than refuelling a petrol or diesel car. And between AC and DC charging, the former is definitely the cheaper option. The current AC charging price is about $0.43/kWh while DC charging hovers around $0.52/kWh.

That said, there’s no denying that similar to fuel prices, electricity prices also tend to fluctuate. But consider this: Even if electricity price hits $1/kWh and your EV’s battery capacity is 40.4 kWh, you’d still only be paying $40.40 to fully charge your vehicle. This is still a lot cheaper than refuelling a car to full tank.

EV charging stations in Singapore

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Shell Recharge

The first oil and gas company in Singapore to provide charging stations for EVs, Shell currently offers recharging at 20 stations islandwide (operated by Greenlots). You’ll be able to charge your EV from 0% to 80% in about 30 minutes — but this also depends on your EV model.

Charger types: Either Type 2 or CCS/or both depending on the charging station. Download the Greenlots app on Apple App Store or Google Play for more information on locations and prices.

Price: $0.50/kWh to $3/hour

Charging a GetGo EV at a Shell Recharge station? Read our step-by-step guide here.

SP Group

SP Group is one of the largest electricity suppliers in Singapore and provides over 450 charging points in more than 100 locations across the island. You’ll usually spot them in office areas, malls and attractions.

Charger types: Either Type 2 or CCS/or both depending on the charging station. Download the SP Group app on Apple App Store or Google Play for more information on locations and prices.

Price: $0.4366/kWh (AC) to $0.5162/kWh (DC)

Here’s how you can recharge GetGo EVs at SP public charging stations.

Blue SG

Initially only available for customers, BlueSG has now opened 239 of its charging stations to the public.

Charger type: Type 2

Price: $1 for the first 3 hours. $2 for every subsequent hour.


Charge+ is another fast-growing EV charging provider that offers “Turbo” fast chargers which go up to 120 kWh, the fastest so far in Singapore. To know more about their locations and prices, check out their app on Apple App Store or Google Play.

Charger types: Marvel (AC) and Turbo (DC)

Price: $0.4362 (AC) to $0.5283 (DC)

Free EV charging stations in Singapore

Frankly, there aren’t many free EV charging stations around — but we scoured the Internet and found a few. Take note of these locations if you happen to be nearby and need to recharge your car! ⚡️

📍 East Region

  • Our Tampines Hub
    Location: Basement 1 – Lots 61 to 67, Blue Zone K25
    Parking cost: Free (12 to 2pm)
    Charger type: Type 2
    Provider: Greenlots
  • IKEA Tampines
    Location: Carpark
    Parking cost: Free (7am to 11pm)

📍 Central Region

  • Marina Bay Sands
    Location: Basement 3 – Lots 303, 304, 371, 372, 394, 395, 397, 398, 399
    Parking cost: Free
    Opening hours: 24 hours, daily
    Charger type: Type 2
    Provider: Greenlots
  • IKEA Alexandra
    Parking cost: Free for EV designated parking lots
    Charger type: Type 2

Disclaimer: These charging stations are subject to change by the venue without prior notice, so we recommend cross-checking just to be sure.

Find where to charge while on the move

It’s always good to be prepared — so whether you own an EV or are renting one, be sure to have Plugshare on your phone. It’s a free app that shows you all the charging stations islandwide irrespective of the service provider. All you need to do is download it from Google Play or App Store, and you’re good to go!

Charging your EV in the comfort of your home

Believe it or not, you can install your own private EV charging station right at home and this no longer applies to only landed property. Under the Electric Vehicle Common Charger Grant (ECCG), the first 2,000 EV chargers in non-landed private housing can receive up to 50% subsidy per charger’s installation cost. This is great news for EV owners who live in condominiums and private apartments.

We hope that this blog post will come handy while you plan your next trip! Meanwhile, if you’re wondering where to park your car for free in Singapore, hop on to our free parking guide right away.

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