New on the app: More EV charging options and clearer vehicle availability


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What could be more convenient than having the freedom to book and drive Electric Vehicles (EVs) by the hour and charging them through the GetGo app? Having more charging options across the island, of course!

The accessibility of EV charging stations is crucial to achieving a key objective of the Singapore Green Plan 2030 — electrifying vehicles in Singapore. As a carsharing platform that believes in sustainable mobility, we’re happy to announce the addition of more EV charging options to our app.

We’ve also improved our home screen so you can plan your drives better.

Read on to find out more.

New EV charging options with more available charging stations

A few months ago, we integrated CDG ENGIE into our app, making in-app EV charging a reality. This time, we added 2 more charging operators to our app — CHARGE+ and ChargEco. You can now enjoy the convenience of selecting these EV charging operators from our app to recharge your booked EV.

You can now access over 350 charging locations islandwide through our app — giving you greater accessibility to EV charging stations during your drives.

Remember the 3 golden rules of EV charging

Rule 1: If your EV’s battery level is below 50%, return and charge it at its charging lot

Rule 2: If your EV’s battery level is above 50%, return it to the home lot

Rule 3: Parking at charging lots without charging your car is illegal and can incur a penalty

Learn more about driving and charging your booked EV through the GetGo app

Clearer vehicle availability for smoother planning

Have you ever tried searching for your favourite car only to discover it’s gone from the map? That might’ve been because another GetGoer already booked it. From now on, you can see every car’s next available timing on our home screen and plan your drives more confidently.

Don’t worry if you see a pin with the number ‘0’. Your plans can still go on. Simply tap the ‘0’ pin to see your preferred car’s next available timing.

Learn more about our improved home screen

Update your app now to enjoy our latest improved features! 💙

Experience the convenience of booking a GetGo anytime from over 1,500 locations islandwide.

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