GetGoers’ favourite Toyota cars and the features that make them popular


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During your carsharing journey, you want a set of wheels that matches your zest for adventure. When it comes to vehicle brands that meet this need, you don’t need to look any further than Toyota, which make some of the most popular cars in the GetGo fleet. Whether you’re cruising through the city, escaping to the seaside, or doing a grocery run, they got you covered.

In this article, read all about the top Toyota cars booked by GetGoers and the features that make them so popular. From the roomy Sienta to the speedy Raize, these Toyota cars are synonymous with reliability, safety, and performance. 💯

01 • Toyota Corolla Altis 12th Gen

(Photo adapted from: Carbuyer)

The Toyota Corolla Altis harmoniously blends safety and style, making it a fantastic choice for Singapore’s bustling urban roads. It has 7 airbags and an Electronic Stability Program (ESP). Its suite of safety systems includes Lane Departure Alert, Active Steering Assist, Blind Spot Monitoring, and Dynamic Radar Cruise Control. These tech features make it a great choice for young families with kiddos. 👶

The Corolla Altis also boasts decent boot space that can accommodate up to 1 large and 2 small-sized luggage carriers, which comes in handy during full-day drives when you have more things to pack for the family. For those who are new to driving, this sedan’s rear double wishbone suspension ensures easy manoeuvring for a smooth drive. To top it all off, there’s an integrated Nano-E air-conditioning system that circulates fresh air within the cabin so you and your loved ones can stay cool and comfortable even on a hot and humid day.

02 • Toyota Raize

(Photo adapted from: Topgear)

The Raize is a compact SUV that makes it a breeze to navigate through narrow roads without sacrificing cargo space. Measuring less than 4 metres from front to rear, it’s ideal for navigating city streets or parking in the limited spaces of HDB lots. But with knockdown rear seats, you can also transport bulky items. This makes it ideal for grocery runs or furniture shopping.

Even better, the Raize is fitted with a turbocharged engine! It’s a pocket rocket ship that’s equally suited for zipping through the city’s streets or zooming to Singapore’s outskirts for a scenic drive. This car also comes with beginner-friendly features for added convenience. For instance, the fuel door takes after continental cars — so, forget fiddling with the release lever at the petrol station and simply push on the door to release the fuel nozzle latch.

03 • Toyota Sienta

(Photo adapted from: Carousell)

A 7-seater marvel, the Toyota Sienta is well-built for big days out. With flat-folding rear seats and the option to stow the middle row, the Sienta is incredibly spacious and can easily transport the whole family and everyone’s belongings. Strollers, bicycles, or luggage — you name it, there’s space for it. It can hold everything you need for a picnic or all your shopping bags from the next mall trip. Want to keep your drinks cool throughout the drive? Simply store them in the upper glove compartment. 🧊

In addition, Sienta has features that save fuel while minimising noise. It also has excellent stability control that ensures a comfortable drive, so don’t be surprised to find your passengers snoozing soundly during the drive.

04 • Toyota Vios E

(Photo: Carchoice)

Sometimes, all you need is a no-frills driving experience for those quick lunch or dinner trips, or to send your kids to school. The Toyota Vios E is the perfect car for such needs. You’ll find that it comes with most of the usual modern-day features including a rear seat centre armrest, a touchscreen infotainment system, and Follow Me Home headlamps. GetGoers love driving this car for its simplicity in terms of size, manoeuvrability, and affordable pricing from just $3/hour.

05 • Toyota Yaris Cross

(Photo adapted from: TopGear)

Small details have the power to elevate any experience, and the Yaris Cross is a testament to this. This 5-seater SUV comes equipped with thoughtful features that’ll put you at complete ease and boost your mood. For starters, there’s an auto brake hold function that lets you take your foot off the brake and rest your legs at red lights.

If you need some extra relaxation, the infotainment system is compatible with both Apple Carplay and Android Auto to play your favourite tunes or podcasts. The elevated driver’s seat also means that you’ll have a full and clear view of the road — which makes this car a favourite among new and experienced drivers alike. The Yaris Cross also has elements like a uniquely designed LCD screen and a modern instrument cluster, making it a great choice for drivers with an eye for understated sophistication.

Happy driving to all Toyota enthusiasts!
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