We’ve reduced prices across our most popular time slots


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Peak hour pricing is supposed to go higher, not lower — but we’re going against the norm. To make your carsharing experience even more accessible and affordable, we’ve reduced the pricing on our most popular time slots. You can now enjoy more time on the road with your loved ones while paying less.

Enjoy savings of up to 10% with our reduced pricing

That’s right! You can now get up to 10% off your peak hour drives with our most popular vehicle categories. So whether you’re heading out to dinner with your spouse or partner or taking a fun-filled weekend drive with your friends and family, you can save now more during peak hours wherever you go.

Save $1 on peak hour drives with your family

Every dollar counts. That’s why we want to make family fun more affordable by reducing our peak hour rates by $1 for our most popular vehicle categories, saving you $1 to $15 on your multi-trip family adventures.

Saving a few dollars during peak hours can make a real difference in your family drives. The savings can help cover parking fees at your favourite family destinations and admission costs to some of Singapore’s most fun family experiences. Speaking of family fun, don’t forget to check out our GetDeals page for additional discounts of up to 15% off your next adventure.

Save $2 on peak hour drives with your special someone

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just want to spend quality time with that special someone, there’s no better way to experience the freedom to drive than with our Premium Electric or Luxury vehicles. We’ve made it even better by reducing the peak hour rates on these vehicles by $2.

Go out and enjoy date nights and leisure drives with your spouse or partner during peak hours and save $2 to $30! The savings can go a long way if you plan a romantic date night at a cosy and secluded spot or plan to partake in fun and unique date night activities. If you want to drive your savings even further, check out our GetDeals page for further dining deals!

Save $2 on moving bulky items during peak hours

Moving house or transporting large items like furniture during peak hours is now easier with our Flat Time Charge Rate for Commercial Electric Vehicles (EVs). Now, you can save $2 while transporting heavy objects in an environmentally friendly way. Depending on how long you need to complete your move during peak hours, you’ll save $2 to $30!

Moving heavy items can really work up an appetite, so use these savings to enjoy a hearty meal. Even better, you can save more money on your post-move meal by visiting our GetDeals page for dining deals of up to 20% off your total bill.

If you’re preparing to move into a new place, you’ll definitely want to check out our GetGo Guide: Tips on making a smooth move in Singapore for plenty of money-saving pointers.

Visit our Pricing page to learn more about our updated time charges and classification table so you can see our latest rates.

Note: All charges are inclusive of GST.

Here’s to a more accessible and affordable driving experience. 💙

Enjoy better savings during your peak hour drives. Book a car from over 1,600 locations islandwide with no deposit or membership fees.