Refuelling just got a whole lot easier with our new fuel cards!


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At GetGo, we strive to bring our GetGoers the most fuss-free experience possible. We take care of everything that comes with owning a car so that you can easily hop in and get going (wink). This includes having a team that maintains our cars and ensures that they have enough fuel.

Carsharing is a collaborative effort — and we’re so grateful that our community is always looking out for each other and helping to refuel the car so that the next GetGoer enjoys their drive too.

But we knew that we could make the refuelling process even easier for our GetGoers, so we got to work. After months of preparation, we came up with an awesome solution that makes refuelling a breeze and enhances the GetGo experience. We hope you’re as excited for this as we are!

Announcing our brand new addition to our cars: Esso fuel cards! 🥳

Each and every GetGo car now comes with an Esso fuel card to make refuelling a smoother process! The card is located on the sun visor above the driver’s seat.

Here’s how it works:

1. Get the 4-digit PIN from your Booking page

Launch the GetGo app and select your ongoing booking. Scroll down and tap on Refuel Now!

2. Your Esso fuel PIN will be automatically generated

3. Head over to your nearest Esso petrol station

Image credits: Esso

4. Insert the card into the terminal on the top-up kiosk and remove it when the screen says “Please remove card”

5. Key in the PIN on the number pad

6. Proceed to fuel the car with Synergy Extra or Diesel (depending on the car model)

7. Remove the pump, collect the receipt for safekeeping and you’re done!

With this new method for refuelling in place, you’ll no longer have to wait for your fuel reimbursement. And yes, you’ll still receive a promo code from us if you help to refuel our cars! 😉

  • Refuel at an Esso station using our fuel card from ¼ tank to full tank, and receive a $6 promo code. (You don’t have to hold on to the receipt)
  • Refuel at any other petrol station for $50 nett in a single receipt, and receive a $2 promo code. Our fuel reimbursement process will stay in place, so if you’re paying out of your own wallet, please still hold on to your receipt and fill up our form to receive your reimbursement and the $2 promo code.

Do note you’ll receive a $6 promo code only if you: 1) refuel at an Esso station and 2) use our fuel card.

UPDATE: We have shifted the placement of the Esso fuel card — so if you can’t find it on the outside of the sun visor, flip the visor down and you’ll find it on the inside of the sun visor.

If you have any questions about the fuel cards or about our service, check out our FAQ Centre for more info.

Download GetGo now to rent a car from over 1,500 locations islandwide and enjoy convenient refuelling with our Esso fuel cards.

Happy carsharing, GetGoers!
Ella 🤩

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