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We recently hit a milestone that we never saw coming – that is, be a part of someone’s wedding photoshoot! When Brendan and Cindy wrote to us asking if they could use our GetGo car for their wedding, we were giddy with excitement and told him to share with us about his experience when he did. 😍

He proceeded to send us his beautiful wedding photos, shot by the talented Pixioo. We’re absolutely in love with the photos, and we wanted to feature them in this exclusive interview with Brendan!

1. How did you both meet?

My wife and I both started to know each other through Tantan in February 2019. We’re both students, but studying in different fields and majors. She majored in the hospitality sector whereas I majored in real estate. She was about to give up on Tantan and I thought she was out of my league, but I tried anyway. I went an extra mile and slid into her dms on Instagram hoping that she would reply! She did and we started hanging out with one another.

Fun fact: the first place that we actually met up was O.BBa BBQ (Tanjong Pagar). From there, 2 years flew by quickly despite various ups and downs we faced during our relationship. Through those times, we grew and matured further and have decided to settle down once and for all on 28 July 2021!

1. How did you first discover GetGo?

It was through Instagram Ads. In actual fact, I even registered for exclusive early access via the link inside GetGo Instagram Bio.

2. How often do you use GetGo & what do you use it for?

On average, about 3 – 4 times per month. Normally I would use it to go da bao food from hawker center and also do some grocery marketing with it. Occasionally, I would use it for a night drive and also use it to explore places that we have not been to around Singapore. For instance, the Bukit Timah Hill.

3. Why did you decide to use GetGo for your special day?

  1. GetGo customer service team is awesome!
  2. No deposit needed to be placed when using GetGo!
  3. Car is conveniently placed near my home which makes using it and returning is a hassle-free process!
  4. Refueling process is very easy due to the recent implementation of leaving Esso cards in the GetGo car.

To end off, a business that has good customer service and is always constantly listening to their consumers on ways to improve, is a business well deserved to be supported!

5. Apart from the wedding shoot, can you share with us your most memorable experience with GetGo?

It actually happen on the day itself! The car was meant to be booked for dinner outside. However, due to the Phase 2 HA implementation, dining plans were cancelled and hence, there were about 2 hours worth of unused timing. After dinner at home, my dad asked if he could test out the GetGo car. So, I brought him out to test the car. I know this might be nothing to some but the last time my dad and I had this type of father and son test drive session was about 6 – 7 years back. Thus, this might sound a bit cringey to some but I definitely relived one of my most memorable experiences that I have had with my dad while using GetGo.

6. What does freedom mean to you?

This is a very good question! Freedom to me is the ability to be yourself in your truest form. It’s being able to make your own choices and control the agency over your own life. However! Freedom comes with a huge responsibility. If your freedom makes others suffer, then you have to be able to bear the consequences of that. Hence, when it comes to driving, please be safe on the road yeah? 😊

We’re so honored and excited to be a part of someone’s special day, and we thank Brendan and Cindy for featuring us in their wedding shoot! Here’s to an everlasting marriage filled with joy and lots of love! ❤️

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With love,
Ella ❤️

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