Stories with GetGoers: Meet Leslie A.K.A #RiceCookerMan


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Leslie Koh might be a familiar name for some of you. Earlier last year, he went viral as the #RiceCookerMan for his foolproof recipes using only a rice cooker, whipping up dishes you wouldn’t expect from a rice cooker, such as muah chee, char kway teow, and mac & cheese! 🤯

While being a full-time financial consultant, Leslie also shares his recipes and product reviews (warning: his food photography might make you hungry, even at 3am 🤤) on his Instagram or Facebook in his free time. We had the honour of being featured in one of his reviews — so we reached out to him to find out more about his experience with GetGo!

1. What are your thoughts about owning a car in Singapore?

I used to be a car owner but ever since the pandemic hit, it didn’t make financial sense to own one as most of my insurance work shifted to home-based where I meet most of my clients over Zoom, with the occasional face-to-face meetings.


2. How did you first discover GetGo?

I first got to know of GetGo when I spotted the decals on the GetGo cars on the road.
As I’m a frequent user of car sharing, I was alerted by my followers subsequently about GetGo as they wanted me to review the service.

3. How often do you use GetGo?

3-5 times a month.

4. What do you usually use GetGo for?

Mostly running errands that I’ve planned out to be fulfilled within a day or head out for a food road trip with friends!

5. Can you share with us your most memorable experience with GetGo?

There was one night I was craving for a particular dessert from Don Don Donki, so I rented a car, drove down to the outlet at Orchard Central to get it and came back within 1 hour. I remembered that the whole trip cost me less than $8, which was really cheap for a midnight dessert run!

6. What do you like most about GetGo?

Don’t have to worry about fuel costs, clean cars and affordable pricing!

7. What does freedom mean to you?

Being able to do anything I want, at anytime!

We hope you enjoyed this exclusive interview with our GetGoer, Leslie – and we look forward to doing more of these posts! Stay tuned. ☺

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With love,
Ella ♥

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