Things to check for before starting your trip – for carsharing newbies!


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Our previous article about carsharing in Singapore shared some insights about what you need to know when trying out carsharing, and we’re back with more tips and tricks for the best carsharing experience! Here’s a list of things to check for before starting your trip!

1. Condition of the car


The condition of the car directly affects your safety, so it’s important that the car you’re driving is well maintained. If you do spot any of these issues, it would be best to contact your carsharing service so that they may inspect and do any necessary repairs.

  • External damages
    Take a few minutes to inspect your vehicle for any external damages before starting your booking. Make sure to look out for broken parts, heavy scratches or shattered windows as these could affect your own and other road users’ safety on the road. If you do see any damages, take a photo and report them to your carsharing service. You can usually do so via their app, Live Chat or email. This ensures that you do not bear any unnecessary fines or penalties for damages that were not caused by you.
  • Tyres
    Make a habit of always checking your tyres before driving off! The condition of your tyres is essential to your safety as they are the sole (pun intended) point of contact between your vehicle and the road. Worn-out tyres may have less traction and cause you to lose control of your car. 😰 Look out for signs of worn-out tyres by checking if the tyres have poor treading, tears, peculiar bulges, or damages to the tyre’s sidewall.
  • Headlights
    It’s important to check whether your headlights are in proper working condition as headlights help you to see during night drives and in dimly lit areas such as carparks or remote roads. They are also a tool to alert other road users of your presence. Check both the low and high beam function – there should be a distinct difference between the two.
  • Brake pads
    For certain vehicle models, there will be a light on the dashboard indicating if your brake pads are worn out. The condition of your brake pads affect the braking power of your vehicle – brake pads in poor condition may lead to an increased braking distance and may even cause an accident.To check the condition of the brake pads, use a flashlight and look out for a wear indicator. If the slot is not visible or missing, it is a sign to replace the brake pads.

📝 Tips for GetGoers:

If you’ve spotted any issues with the car, do let us know via the “Report An Issue” feature in the app. You may proceed with your booking if the damages are minor. If the car is not safe to drive, please reach out to our Live Chat via the app or on for assistance from our Support Team. 💪

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2. Cleanliness

Personal hygiene is important, especially in the current situation. While carsharing services do have their own teams dedicated to keeping the cars clean, they do also rely on the community to clean up after themselves.

  • Interior
    If the interior of the car is dirty (for e.g., food stains, cigarette ashes, litter), take photos and report it to the carsharing service so that they can 1) clean up the car and 2) take action against the responsible user.
  • Exterior
    If the exterior of the car is dirty or if the decal has been scratched or removed, take photos and report it to the carsharing service as well.

📝Tips for GetGoers:

If the previous user has left you with a dirty car, please let us know either using the “Report An Issue” feature or via our Live Chat. We’ll do our best to find the culprit, and a cleaning fee will be imposed.

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3. Necessities

Don’t forget to check for these essentials before you drive off!
  • Cashcard
    Most carsharing services don’t provide a cashcard, so don’t forget to bring your own to pay for your own parking.
  • Fuel
    Make sure there’s sufficient fuel for your booking before moving off! Some carsharing services require you to return the cars with more than ¼ full tank – so make sure you read the Terms & Conditions carefully to avoid getting charged with any penalties.

📝 Tips for GetGoers:

At GetGo, your petrol is covered so there’s one less thing to worry about. If you need to refuel, simply use our Esso fuel cards for a smooth and easy refuelling experience (click here to find out more).

Don’t forget to ask for the fuel card’s PIN number before heading down to the station to refuel, and place the card back behind the sun visor after you’re done so that the next user doesn’t have to play hide & seek.

If you’re unable to find the card, contact us via our Live Chat so we can assist you!

Other things to take note of

  • Lost & Found
    If you’ve found something in the car that doesn’t belong to you, it’s best to report it to the carsharing service and leave the item in the car so that the team can retrieve it and return it to its rightful owner.

📝Tips for GetGoers:

Forgot something? Contact our Support Team via Live Chat and we’ll do our best to retrieve it for you. If you’ve just ended your booking and you’re near the car, let us know too – we can help you with unlocking the car so that you can retrieve your item.

And there’s that! Make sure to take note of the above so you’ll have an awesome, seamless carsharing experience.

Download GetGo now and book a car anytime, anywhere. 

Have a safe trip!
Ella ❤️

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