New on the app: Smoother drives, longer grace periods, and more booking slots


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Our vehicle condition reporting (VCR) feature just received a major upgrade for an even better carsharing experience! Say goodbye to tagging individual damages in photos, and hello to taking just 1 clear photo of each vehicle side.

Not just that, we’ve also extended your start- and end-trip grace period to 15 minutes — as well as added more booking slots by removing our auto-extension blocks.

Read on to find out more about these improved features. 👇🏻

Here’s to easier vehicle reporting and greater peace of mind

With the enhanced VCR, you can skip the tedious task of tagging every dent and scratch that may be present on your booked vehicle.

Now, you just need to take at least 1 clear picture of each side of your vehicle before and after your trip — so it’s easier for you to protect yourself from liability for vehicle damages.

Easier to use

More protection

Safer experience

Longer grace periods and more vehicle availability


We’ve removed our auto-extension feature and extended your start- and end-trip grace periods from 10 to 15 minutes each — so now you’ll get 30 minutes in total to complete your pre- and post-trip vehicle reports.

The auto-extension removal also means our vehicles will have more booking slots now. This is great news, especially if you’ve made plans for peak periods like the weekends and public holidays.

If you need more time on the road, you can still extend your booking manually in the app. Remember to make the extension before your grace period ends to avoid any late return charges. Booking extension is subject to vehicle availability.

Learn how to extend an ongoing booking

More time to complete your vehicle condition reports

More vehicle availability

More about our extended grace periods

Check out these useful links to learn more about our grace period and what happens if you return a vehicle late:

Update your app now to enjoy an smoother driving experience.

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