New on the GetGo app: Instant in-app repayment and more


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As a team that values innovation and user experience above everything else, we’re always brainstorming new ways to further improve our service. As we start our second year on this journey with you, we doubled down on building new features and making little tweaks across the board, releasing updates that would make our app work better and smoother — based directly on your feedback. 

Without further ado, here’s what our GetGo chefs have been cooking up this month.

💳 Instant in-app repayment and reactivation

➡️ Retry your payment and reactivate your account instantly


If your in-app payment fails to go through at the end of your trip, you may now instantly retry your in-app payment and reactivate your account within the app itself in just a few steps.

  • See your outstanding in-app amount immediately on the home screen
  • Add a new credit/debit card to your payment method OR;
  • Top up the bank account linked to your debit card
  • Make the payment in-app

If you do not have other outstanding amounts (such as due to accidents or penalties), your account will be immediately reactivated.

For a more detailed guide on the steps required, check out this article.

🗣 Enhanced in-app Live Chat

➡️ Automatic detection of user and booking details

  • To ensure smoother communication with our Support Team, our in-app Live Chat is now equipped to automatically provide our team with your user and booking details (where relevant), enabling them to support you more effectively and efficiently.

Increased car availability through reduction in auto-extension buffer

➡️ More cars available for booking

  • To increase the availability of our cars, especially during peak periods, we have reviewed and tweaked our auto-extension feature. Our data shows that the large majority of our users use two 15-min auto extensions or less.
  • Hence, our new auto-extension buffer now comes in two 15-minute blocks instead of the previous four 15-minute blocks, allowing for more opportunities to experience the freedom to drive.

Note: Bookings made before 18 May, 3AM, will still have four 15-min auto-extensions, except when manually extended (in which case, two 15-min auto-extensions will apply to the new end timing).

For more information on how our auto-extension feature works, check out this article.

Don’t forget to update your GetGo app now to enjoy our new and improved features!

See you on the road,
The GetGo Team 🛣

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