New on the GetGo app: Booking shortcut and a new look to the navigation bar


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At GetGo, we’re all about providing you with a service that’s as simple and seamless as possible — so we’ve introduced two upgrades to the app that streamline your booking process.

📱 Gain quicker access to your booking

Have a confirmed booking or an ongoing booking? Before, you had to navigate to the Bookings tab and tap on the booking to see your booking page.

We’ve added a shortcut on the app’s home screen that appears one hour before your booking starts (and will stay on the screen until the booking is completed). Now, all you need is one tap to be brought straight to your booking page.

💙 New look to the navigation bar

We’ve changed the look of our navigation bar. Before, the tab that led you back to our home screen was located in the middle of the navigation bar. 

From now on, you’ll find it at the left of the navigation bar. Once you’re done exploring our other tabs, tap on Search to be brought back to our home screen where you can search for the GetGo cars nearest to you and book a drive!

Update your GetGo app now to enjoy a more intuitive experience.

See you on the road,

The GetGo Team 🛣

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