Get rewards with more referrals


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Here’s $8 for you and your friend 🤝

Telling your friends about us? Remember to share your referral code for them to use during their sign-up — so you can get $8 referral discount on your next drive automatically, and your friend gets an $8 discount for their first drive too! ✨

How it works

Step 1: Share your referral code with a friend to use during sign-up.

Step 2: Your friend uses your code and signs up for a GetGo account. They’ll enjoy the $8 referral discount for their first drive.

Step 3: Your $8 referral discount will automatically apply to your next drive once your friend completes their first drive.



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Share your referral code with a friend to use during their GetGo account sign-up. Once they successfully complete their first booking, an $8 referral discount will apply automatically to your next booking.

Learn more about referrals.

Friends who have completed their first drives are counted as successful referrals.

You can access your referral history in the GetGo app. Tap Referral > Referral history > 1st booking.