The first and only nasi padang buffet in Singapore at Peninsula Excelsior Hotel


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Being absolute suckers for nasi padang, we couldn’t say no to an afternoon indulging in our favourite local cuisine at Peninsula Excelsior Hotel’s cafe. In fact, we could hardly wait to head down and try out what we were told is the first and only nasi padang buffet in Singapore — I mean, let’s be honest: who wouldn’t want several generous servings of beef rendang and ayam panggang? 😋

Nasi padang buffet in Singapore at Peninsula Excelsior Hotel

Coleman’s Cafe, conveniently located in Peninsula Excelsior Hotel right next to Funan Mall, is a sleek and swanky patio restaurant that will tick all the boxes for you — whether you’re heading down with friends or family, or spending quiet quality time with your significant other.

We were greeted by a relaxing atmosphere and soft lounge music upon stepping in, quite contrary to our nasi padang experience elsewhere, where we had to brave snaking lines and spot a table frantically. The interior of the restaurant, which was tastefully fitted with muted-coloured furniture and warm lights, added another soothing touch to our hectic mid-week afternoon.

As soon as we took our seats by the window, a friendly waiter approached us and took our order for drinks. The restaurant offers about 4 different beverages specially curated for the nasi padang spread — each costing an affordable $5.

I chose the Bandung Padang, a refreshingly sweet drink made of rose syrup, fresh milk, chendol jellies, and grass jelly. It was the perfect choice, considering how sweltering it was outside. My colleague had the same drink and was equally happy with his pick. Other drinks on the menu include Calamansi Assam, Longan Longan, and Lychee Mint.

The food

After arousing our taste buds with a few sips of the drinks, we made our way to the serving area to check out what was on the spread. My eyes were instantly drawn to the first item, the Beef Cheek Rendang.

It wasn’t until much later that I found out from the head chef, who hails from Malaysia, that the restaurant specifically chooses beef cheek as it’s one of the most tender parts when cooked with the right technique — and he was right. 

The chunks of meat were soft and done to perfection. You could taste the infusion of complex flavours in the rendang gravy, mainly zesty kaffir lime leaves and lemongrass, as well as the sweet notes of pandan leaves and other spices.

The chef told me that the beef rendang takes about 4 to 5 hours to prepare, from marination to serving. I couldn’t stop gushing to him over how the bits of toasted coconut (the star of every rendang dish) were so fine, that they didn’t tickle my throat and make me cough. 

By now, you would’ve probably guessed that I went for a second serving of the beef rendang — you’re absolutely right. And guess what? You’re allowed to because it’s a buffet! 🤩

Next up on my first plate was the Ikan Asam Pedas (spicy and sour tamarind fish). I must say that as a connoisseur of all things sour, I was smitten from the very first mouthful. The zing of the tamarind juice and the slight spiciness from the chilli gave the dish an incredible depth of flavours.

The fish that was used for this dish was the seabass, known for its meaty yet flaky texture, and a mildly sweet flavour that goes well with the asam pedas gravy.

You may be wondering at this point if I had the sides on their own. Of course not! Being the true blue Asian that I am, I dived head first into the Nasi Kuning (yellow rice) and even made sure to go for a generous second helping. 

I recommend that you go for the Nasi Kuning, especially if you indulge in the Beef Rendang. The aroma of ghee and the fluffiness of the rice is simply unrivalled. However, there’s also white rice if you’re more health-conscious. Don’t forget to try out some of the tangy cucumber achar for a well-rounded experience.

My next plate consisted of more nasi kuning, white rice, chicken curry, Udang Masak Lemak (prawns in coconut milk), Sayur Lodeh (vegetable stew in coconut milk), sambal oelek, and garlic crackers.

It didn’t take me long to notice how rich and creamy the chicken curry was — plus, the aroma of coconut milk filled my nostrils as soon as I started scooping the warm curry, chunks of chicken, and potatoes.

I found the heat level of the curry a tad too mild for my palate, but still appreciated the compatibility of the spices. There was no clash between any of them. The chunks of chicken tasted fresh and were well-cooked too. 

As for the potatoes, it was quite obvious that they had been boiled in the curry for a long time because of how soft and flavourful they were. If you’re someone who prefers milder flavours, be sure to try out this one.


I then moved on to the Udang Masak Lemak, another dish that won my heart. If not for the fact that I was already feeling quite full at this point, I would’ve gladly helped myself to more prawns. They were so fresh and succulent with a tinge of sweetness. 

Coupled with the creamy consistency of the lemak gravy and the tanginess of the pineapple slices, it was easily one of the best dishes in the spread.

Next up in my list of nasi padang highlights was the Ayam Panggang Hijau (roasted chicken with green chilli paste). I tried out the boneless parts as I’m a complete rookie with bones.

The chicken was quite straightforward — something you’d expect from a roasted chicken. But it was the sambal hijau (green chilli paste) that truly gave this dish its oomph factor. It was jam-packed with green bird’s eye chillies and green tomatoes. So, expect a lovely union of heat and zest as you bite into your chicken.

Speaking of sambal, I doubt any dish or condiment in this buffet would make you sweat or want to chug gallons of water. I learnt from the chef that the heat level of each dish was deliberately reduced to cater to a wider audience.

Along with the Ayam Panggang Hijau, I had the Potato Wedges in Sambal Bilis (anchovies in chilli paste) too. As expected, the sambal was pleasant on my tongue and had that lovely fishy taste from the crispy anchovies.

I call this the “fragrance of the sea” — think of the last time you went to the beach and had a whiff of the sea breeze. That’s what the sambal bilis reminded me of. There were peanuts too, and they offered that nice crunch occasionally.

The potato wedges, on the other hand, were soft and buttery smooth. Frankly, I feel like it’s hard to get any potato dish wrong as it’s one of those vegetables that absorbs flavour. And going by that vein, this dish was a winner too.

If you love digging into ketupat and sayur lodeh, don’t forget to check out the sayur lodeh on the spread. It’s comparable to their chicken curry sans the meat. There’s a good portion of fibre that you can get from it, as well as protein from the tofu. This dish may not be suitable for vegetarians and vegans as sayur lodeh typically contains shrimp paste.

Nasi padang buffet signature: Sop Kambing

Can you hear that soup pouring into the bowl? Shloop.

Enough raving and time for more details, aye? First things first, the mutton was really tender and flavourful, which was a clear sign that it was cooked long enough in the broth.

The broth was spiced and seasoned to the right degree — any more or less would’ve rendered it average. It was also slightly thicker in consistency than most of the ones I’ve had before, and had that comforting muttony burst only a hardcore mutton lover would understand. Now, imagine sipping on something like that on a rainy day. 🤤

Other than sop kambing, there’s also Sop Buntut (oxtail soup) and Sop Bakso (Indonesian meatball soup).

Oh, did I mention that there’s a whole Chendol station for sweet tooths where you can make your own DIY chendol? Add that heavenly gula melaka syrup and scoop those green jellies.

There’s more, including the likes of kueh lapis and other authentic sweet bites. 🍧

My verdict of the nasi padang buffet

As I’m writing this, I’m telling my colleague Madeline that once I’ve published this review, I’ll head back to Coleman Cafe’s Nasi Padang Buffet over the weekend for a second round. I honestly can’t move on from their rendang and sup kambing.

And it’s surprising that a spread this lavish and satisfying only starts from $28++ per adult. Everything, from the interior of the restaurant, to the beverages and the food, is worth every penny.

So, whether you’re looking for a new option in town to break your fast this Ramadan or want to fix your nasi padang cravings for lunch, Coleman’s Cafe at Peninsula Excelsior Hotel has got you covered.

What’s more, for every 5 diners, 1 eats for free. 🤩


Coleman’s Cafe at Peninsula Excelsior Hotel has introduced Singapore’s first and only nasi padang buffet, with over 10 authentic dishes and a range of desserts including chendol. Simply top up an additional $5 and take your pick from 4 refreshing beverages like Bandung Padang, Calamansi Assam, Longan Longan, and Lychee Mint.

🏆 Highlights: Beef Cheek Rendang, Ikan Asam Pedas, Ayam Panggang Hijau, Lemak Udang, Bandung Padang, and Signature Sup Kambing

🍴 Halal status: Not halal-certified. Ingredients are sourced from halal suppliers. Food doesn’t contain pork or lard. Cooked by Muslim chef.

💵 Value for money: Absolutely!

Coleman Cafe’s nasi padang buffet price and other details


Lunch: $28++ (Adult) / $18 ++ (Child)
Dinner: $33++ (Adult) / $23++ (Child)

Weekend and Public Holidays

Lunch: $33++ (Adult) / $23++ (Child)
Dinner: $38++ (Adult) / $28++ (Child)

📍 Address:
Peninsula Excelsior Hotel, 5 Coleman Street, Singapore 179805
🍴 Halal status: Not halal-certified. Ingredients are sourced from halal suppliers. Food doesn’t contain pork or lard. Cooked by Muslim chef.
💵 Value for money: Absolutely!
🌐 Website:

Exclusive free parking for GetGoers at Peninsula Excelsior Hotel

We don’t like gatekeeping the good things, like tucking in a hearty buffet all by ourselves. That’s why we teamed up with Peninsula Excelsior Hotel to give you 3 hours of free parking when you drive down to their buffet.

To redeem your free parking, simply mention “GETGOPADANG” to the restaurant staff while you’re there. It’s really as simple as that! 🙌

This article was sponsored by Peninsula Excelsior Hotel, a popular 4-star contemporary hotel located in the heart of Singapore. Looking for a place to break your fast this Ramadan or a staycation to spend some quality time with the family? You know just the spot for that.

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To an unforgettable nasi padang experience!
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