4 Honda cars GetGoers love the most and why they’re so popular


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Cars are more than just metal and wheels, and Hondas are a testament to this. Striking the perfect balance between durability and practicality with a touch of style to match, Honda cars have got you covered, whether you’re tackling daily errands or going on a family getaway.

Buckle up as we reveal our GetGoers’ favourite Honda cars and their appealing features. From the spacious Shuttle Hybrid to the versatile Vezel Hybrid, Honda has models for every drive and occasion. 🚗✨

01 • Honda Vezel Hybrid 3rd Gen

(Photo: Shifting-Gears)

The third-generation Honda Vezel Hybrid is a crossover SUV that promises comfort and excitement for everyone, including the little ones. For starters, the car’s sunroof gives riders a glimpse of the outside world, which is a good way to keep the kids preoccupied during the drive.

It’s also fitted with plush seats for well-deserved comfort and comes with all the essential tech features you need for a safe and smooth experience. These include a touchscreen infotainment system and safety features like collision mitigation braking, adaptive cruise control, and multiple airbags for added protection.

The Vezel offers generous boot space for a compact SUV, accommodating up to 2 large and 1 small luggage bags. If you need more space, all you have to do is simply fold down the split rear seats.

Another plus point that makes this a popular choice among GetGoers is that it needs fewer trips to the petrol station as the car runs on a hybrid system. This is especially good news if you’re going on a long drive!

02 • Honda City

(Photo: CarWale)

Next up in the list is the Honda City, known for its fuss-free driving experience. Whether you’re out for a day in the city or escaping to the countryside, you’ll find manoeuvring and parking this sedan a breeze. 🌬

The controls and instrumentation in the Honda City’s cockpit are intuitively laid out to help you feel right at home, which makes it a big hit among new drivers. The car also comes equipped with automatic climate control and ample legroom to provide passengers with the same level of comfort.

Furthermore, safety is a top priority in the Honda City. The car received top ratings in multiple crash tests, so enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you and your passengers are in for a safe drive. Expect all the important safety features like emergency braking, lane-keeping assistance, multiple airbags, vehicle stability assist, and traffic sign recognition.

03 • Honda Grace Hybrid

‘Handles like a dream’ is probably the best way to describe the Honda Grace Hybrid, which is why new and experienced drivers love it. The car’s tight turning radius and highly responsive steering make city driving and parking in small spaces easy. Its sprightly acceleration also means keeping up with traffic will never be an issue.

Although the sedan looks quite traditional compared to other sleek cars, it still offers you and your passengers ample room to stretch out comfortably. The rear seats are spacious enough for 3 adults, and the boot has enough room for 3 luggage bags. Its hybrid drivetrain also promises a quieter and smoother driving experience than petrol-powered vehicles.

The Honda Grace Hybrid might be the perfect pick if you’re looking for a car to bring your family or parents out. ✨

04 • Honda Shuttle Hybrid

(Photo: HTS Motor)

Planning a picnic with friends or family? The Honda Shuttle Hybrid’s huge boot space is perfect for storing everything you need to bring along.

Fold the rear seats and stow them away for a whopping 1,525 litres of space. The low boot lip and flat floor make loading and unloading easy. There’s also plenty of interior storage with door pockets, cup holders, and a centre console box.

Another cool fact about the seats is that they can be reconfigured into various layouts to accommodate different types of cargo, including large shopping hauls.

Despite its size, the Shuttle Hybrid isn’t clunky. In fact, its responsive steering and suspension provide a smooth, comfortable time on the road — making it a good choice for your next driving adventure.

(Featured photo adapted from: Automotive Seating)

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