8 things you absolutely must know about carsharing before making a booking


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Carsharing has become a part of life in Singapore, offering convenient, cost-effective, and environmentally conscious transportation in the city with the highest car prices in the world. While carsharing has made driving more affordable and accessible, there are a few that every user should know to enjoy a better experience. Here are 8 things every carsharing user should consider before booking.

01 • Dynamic Pricing

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The amount you need to pay varies depending on the type of car, time of day, day of the week, and the number of hours and mileage you drive. Be aware peak hours naturally come with higher price tags. 

However, it’s possible to snag a deal during off-peak hours if you’re flexible and pre-plan your travel times. Also, don’t forget to take advantage of any available promos and discounts to save more on your drives.

02 • Point A-to-A vs Point A-to-B

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A key difference between carsharing services is the distinction between Point A-to-A and Point A-to-B. A-to-A involves returning the vehicle to the same lot you picked it up from, while A-to-B means you can drop it off at your destination. 

A-to-A are more convenient for two-way trips, especially if you book a vehicle near your home or workplace, as these services typically provide designated parking spots for quick and easy return. For some drivers, A-to-B may be more convenient if you intend to book a vehicle on a one-way trip to your destination. However, A-to-B carsharing services are usually more expensive because the vehicles need to be moved back to their original parking locations.

03 •  Cost efficiency

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Carsharing is a more cost-efficient alternative to car ownership if you want to avoid the hefty upfront cost, maintenance, petrol, season parking, and other expenses. 

With lower costs and little to no commitment, carsharing makes better financial sense for drivers in Singapore who don’t drive regularly and use cars for errands, getaways, and the occasional commute to work.

04 • Environmentally friendly

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If you look beyond the dollars saved, carsharing is also more eco-friendly than car ownership, as several people can share one car. By reducing private car ownership, carsharing can help keep our skies cleaner by curbing emissions. 

So, when you hop into a shared car, know that you’re not just making a personal choice — you’re joining a global movement towards cleaner air, reduced emissions, and a greener tomorrow. Plus, many carsharing services offer greener alternatives such as hybrid or electric vehicles (EVs). 

05 • Booking period considerations

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Most carsharing bookings come with a time limit based on other bookings users have scheduled that day. Respecting the reservation’s end time is essential, as other users may need to use the vehicle when you complete your trip. 

Returning your shared car on time also ensures late fees won’t greet you when you return. So be considerate and return the car on time so the next driver doesn’t experience any unexpected hiccups.

06 • Cleaning and maintenance

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Another carsharing perk is that you won’t need to worry about vehicle maintenance, as the companies manage everything from regular servicing and cleaning to repairs. 

Carsharing companies typically have a dedicated team that works around the clock to ensure every vehicle is checked regularly for cleanliness and safety. However, users also play an essential role in keeping cars clean and in tip-top shape, as carsharing is a communal service that requires everyone’s care and attention.

07 • Convenience

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Convenience is at the heart of carsharing. The ease of reserving a car, accessing it when needed, and enjoying the flexibility of booking different vehicle categories makes carsharing a valuable option for almost every need. Whether it’s a quick trip to the grocery store or for a special occasion, carsharing makes it convenient to check off every errand with ease.

08 • Community building

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As a communal service, carsharing encourages members to treat shared vehicles as their own. When booking a car, you might find a thoughtful surprise like a freshly cleaned car or a sweet note left by the previous user that makes your journey a little brighter. 

Happy driving!
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