Exciting things for young families to do with a full-day GetGo booking


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Remember how we previously shared our list of cool things that you could do with a full-day GetGo booking? We’re going to revisit this idea by adding fun and exciting activities young families can do with a full-day GetGo booking. 

If your young family includes a baby or toddler, we’ve also added some activities you can do with them too!

Pre-booking tip: Don’t forget to rent a baby stroller or a booster seat

Two of the most important items you need to ferry your little one(s) around safely and comfortably are strollers and booster seats. The only problem is that both of these can be expensive and a pain to carry around before and after your booking.

Luckily, there’s the option of renting them. Lots of places in Singapore actually allow you to rent a stroller or booster seat. City Baby is one that offers double strollers and a car seat that just happens to double as a stroller. 

Little Baby is another that offers a wide range of car seats and strollers, as well as baby slings, stroller accessories, and even feeding items like bottles and cups.

01 • Go shopping for some clothes for your child

Let’s be honest — your growing bubba always needs new clothes! They aren’t going to stay small forever, and every parent wants their child to look good. They may not necessarily be able to thank you for dressing them so well, especially if they’re a baby or younger toddler, but they’ll look adorable.

Best of all, clothes shopping for your kids doesn’t have to be expensive. There’s plenty of affordable yet stylish choices available, such as Cotton On Kids with its trendy fashion or Little Kooma, where there’s a 50% discount on each third piece of clothing you buy!

02 • Have a blast all afternoon at an indoor playground

(Photo: BYkidO)

You’d think that indoor playgrounds are more suitable for older kids, but did you know that Singapore has some baby-friendly playgrounds? For example, there’s Pororo Park, where the kiddos can meet Pororo and his friends, or you can head on down to Buds by Shangri-La, which boasts an outdoor water playground.

There are even indoor playgrounds that are suitable for toddlers too, so you can bring them down for a fun-filled afternoon.

03 • Take your bubba swimming to cool off the afternoon

(Photo: Raising Angels)

Did you know it’s possible to teach your infant to swim? Singapore has a series of swimming centres that give you the chance to have a splashing good time with your kiddos — plus, they’ll also teach them some swimming skills!

It’s also good to go swimming with the kids when they’re toddlers, as most of them love playing in water. Plus, it’s also a good idea to teach them to swim when they’re little so they can overcome any fears they have about being in the water.

Who knows, you might end up with a swim champ some time down the line.

04 • Have a lunch picnic

Well, why not? Having a picnic is one of the easiest ways to bond with your children, even if your little one is an infant or toddler. All you have to do is cook or order a delicious meal for the fam, then drive down to a nice scenic location of your choice to dig in. 

Don’t forget to bring along a radio or use your smartphone to play some tunes — as well as some toys like a football or frisbee for some post-picnic playtime with the kiddos. 

Can’t decide where to go for your picnic? Here’s a list of great places.

05 • Pamper your baby with a spa session in the morning

(Photo: Sarahkhooyw)

You heard that right. Whoever knew there were spas for babies right? With services such as baby massages and hydrotherapy, which involves letting your child float in the water while wearing a float ring. Apparently, there are some tangible benefits from these sessions, such as improving joint movement and flexibility — all while getting pampered, figuratively speaking.

Or you could simply just learn how to massage and pamper a baby on your own and run your own DIY spa session. After all, they say there’s no better person to care for a baby than their own parents.

06 • Go on a morning dinosaur safari

(Photo: SHOUTS)

If the endless dinosaur-related media aimed at kids has shown us anything, it’s that kids love dinosaurs. From iconic species like T. rex and Triceratops to lesser known species like Therizinosaurus, they love dinos big and small. 

Even babies get dinosaur toys! After all, there’s just something about dinos that makes kiddos go gaga.

And what better to satisfy the kids’ dino fix than an outing at Changi Jurassic Mile? As you walk on down the trail, you can take time to introduce your bubbas to more than 20 life-size dinos — and watch as their faces glow with fascination. Cute!


07 • Spend the night stargazing

(Photo: Beach Nearby)

We talked about stargazing back in our initial list of cool things to do, and we shared how it is a relaxing, family-friendly activity to bond with the fam over. 

So why not try it out with your kids? Try identifying some constellations and maybe catch a shooting start or two. They might be too young to really appreciate the beauty of the night sky, but they’ll certainly look at the stars differently from now on.

08 • Go out for a stroll during the evening

The evening brings all sorts of new sights and sounds that you just can’t experience during the day. Crickets chirping, the setting sun casting a beautiful twilight scene, and the bustling of people heading home. 

You can take an evening stroll among nature at a park or just explore a new neighbourhood and take a quiet and relaxing walk with your kids. After all, babies and toddlers love going out and seeing things.

Plus, experts have said that evening walks are good for mental health. So if you’re feeling stressed out from your kiddo crying and screaming, bring them along with you on an evening walk. It’ll soothe you and probably soothe them too.

09 • Have a night meeting with animals

Children, babies, and toddlers love animals. And what better way to end the day than to head on down to the Night Safari and visit the animals as they start to wind up for their nighttime activities?

As you step through the entrance and explore the twilight park, you’ll be greeted by flamingos, deer, and even lions. And be sure to look out for the adorable elephant calf as you pass by the elephant exhibit… your kids will love her!

Here’s to a fun family outing!
Adam 😄

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