Cool things in Singapore to do with a full-day GetGo booking over the weekend


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You can hear the birds sing as you rise from your bed. You take in a whiff of the crisp morning air and let out a content sigh. That’s right, it’s the weekend! The perfect time to go out for a drive around Singapore.

But not all of us own a car or want to own one — not to worry! Did you know that you can rent a car for up to 2 days from over 1,400 locations across Singapore to make the most of your weekend?

Now that transportation is sorted, here’s a list of activities you can do with friends or family for a fun-filled weekend. Go ahead and use our recommendations to build your own itinerary, from morning to night. 🤩

01 • Spend a night out bowling

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The pastime of bonding with loved ones over bowling is timeless, and nobody can deny that there’s something just fun about rolling a ball to knock over pins.

With bowling comes the thrill of some friendly competition too. Doesn’t it feel great to challenge your loved ones to bowl-offs and watch the numbers rise on the scoreboard?

When you’re done, simply hop back into your booked car and head off for some scrumptious dinner or supper.

Here are some of our favourite bowling places in Singapore. 🎳

02 • Visit a farm for a peaceful morning

This isn’t a typical weekend activity, but for those of you looking for a unique experience, we suggest that you do an early morning farm trip. You’ll get to make some furry friends, learn how farms are run, and spend quiet time in nature.

How about planning a drive to Viknesh Dairy Farm, Qian Hu Fish Farm or The Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum of Singapore? We talked about these places and more in our recent blog post.

03 • Get breakfast to begin your day

Know what’s the first thing that you should do before you dive into the rest of your day? Have breakfast, of course! After all, a hearty brekkie is what’s going to give you the energy to go about your day.

Check out our trending breakfast guide for some really good recs.

04 • Take an afternoon to go mall-hopping

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Singaporeans. Love. Shopping. The many malls that dot our little island are a testament to it, and there’s at least one for every budget type.

With a whole day at your fingertips, why not take the time to mall-hop? Most malls in Singapore are conveniently located close to another and can be accessed by car or even foot. So, take your pick between making pit stops with your booked car or park it somewhere — even better if it’s at no cost or at discounted price, so be sure to check our free parking guide.

Once getting there and parking is sorted, have a gander at the products on sale, try out the cuisines the malls have to offer, or just take the time to mingle with your friends and family as you take a stroll. Who knows, maybe something fascinating might just catch your fancy.

05 • Go on a date for the whole day

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The weekend is the perfect time to bring your significant other on a date. With your swanky GetGo car booked for the whole day, you’re all set for some quality time with privacy.

Let it be said that as romantic ourselves, we have our fair share of great romantic spots. For instance, you could go out and have a romantic dinner. Or you could go for a movie or visit your favourite hangout spot. Or even just keep it simple and drive along a scenic road during sunset. 🌄

Whatever the case, there’s a date spot for everyone’s taste. And if by any chance you’re having trouble deciding, we’ve got you covered with our list of date ideas.

06 • Take the whole family out for a day of fun

Want to take the kids somewhere fun? Bring them to an indoor playground while you spend some time alone with your partner. Even better, what about trying out a couple of the many activities in town?

There’s definitely something that you and the kiddos can agree on, and we guarantee that it’ll be fun for everyone.

07 • Spend your morning cycling

There’s nothing much like the satisfaction you feel after you’re worked up a sweat, so why not go cycling at one of Singapore’s park connectors

All you have to do is load up your bike into your booked car and drive down to a park connector to get started on your expedition. See which cars can help transport your bike around.

08 • Go rock climbing to pump your muscles

Sport junkies, this one’s for you. All around Singapore are rock climbing walls for you to test your skills on. You can take them on with friends, or even with the kiddos if you’re so inclined. 

Boruda Climbing, for instance, is both beginner and kid-friendly. You can book a 2-hour introductory session with their trainers to go over the basics and give you a grasp on climbing techniques.

Or if you’re a more seasoned climber, why not try Ground Up Climbing? The outdoor lead walls are not only staggeringly tall, but also boast one of the hardest overhangs in Singapore. Truly a challenge even for those with more experience.

09 • Take a drive

Your full-day GetGo booking would be incomplete if you didn’t go on a leisure drive, so we recommend that you set aside some time to drive along the picturesque routes we’ve been blessed with.

Along the way, you can even drop by for a quick picnic or stroll. We have a few more cool ideas just for you.

10 • Have a spot of morning fishing

Ah, the cool tang of air on the breeze. You cast your fishing line into the sea or the river, sit back, and listen to the sounds of nature around you. Or you have a chat with your buddies, waiting for a fish to bite.

If that sounds like your kind of thing, plan a trip down to a fishing spot right away! Scattered all around our sunny island are fishing spots, both saltwater and freshwater alike. You might just bring home a yummy dinner. 🐟

11 • Go stargazing

(Photo: Time Out)

This is a sad fact, but you can barely see the stars in most parts of Singapore, making stargazing that much harder. 

But what if we told you that there still are stargazing spots around and that the views they offer are absolutely worth a trip?

Some of the best places for stargazing in Singapore include Yishun Dam, Changi Bay Point, Science Centre Singapore, and Upper Seletar Reservoir. ✨

12 • Pamper yourself any time of the day at a spa

Whether it’s the middle of a hectic week or the weekend, you deserve to show yourself some love. And the good news is, regardless of what kind of spa you prefer, you’ll find something that suits your fancy. 

Need recommendations for spas? We’ve got a list just for you.

To an epic weekend!
Adam 😎

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