8 ways to be a carsharing user everyone loves


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Sharing is a part of life on our little red dot. Yes, it comes with frustrations — such as flatmates who don’t do the dishes, neighbours who make too much noise, and people who treat walking paths like it’s their grandfather’s road. But when people are considerate of those around them, sharing can be a great thing! 

Carsharing is all about giving people a communal way to enjoy the freedom to drive. Like anything shared, carsharing sometimes comes with frustrations. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much for you to become a user everyone appreciates — here are 8 ways you can become a carsharing user everyone loves!

01 • Avoid leaving litter behind

Everyone enjoys a quick and easy drive-thru dinner. But after your meal, don’t forget to throw away any containers, food wrappers, or empty cups. It also helps to pick up any crumbs and wipe down the seats to prevent pests from becoming unwanted passengers during other people’s drives. Let’s keep things tidy so the following user experiences a clean car for their journey.

If you’ve just started your booking and noticed the car is dirty, please let us know immediately by following these steps so that we can find the culprit.

02 • Use pet carriers to transport your furry friends

(Photo: Flickr)

Your pet might enjoy sticking his head out the window, but the next user might not like sliding into a seat covered with animal fur — especially if they have allergies to pet fur. Keep your furry friends in pet carriers when using our cars to keep everyone’s clothes and noses free from fur. It also helps to do a quick lint roller sweep and seat wipe-down. It only takes a minute but could mean the world to the next user. 🐾

03 • Avoid smoking inside the car

(Photo adapted from: FlorinRoebig)

The smell of smoke lingers for a while and clings to the seats, ceiling, and floor mats. These leftover fumes can ruin someone’s ride and impact their health. To keep a car’s interior clean and fresh for other users, please smoke only in designated areas where your fumes won’t disturb anyone.

04 • Don’t end your trip with an empty petrol tank

When using a shared car, it’s a good practice to think of the next person who will drive it. We encourage you to make the thoughtful choice to refuel the petrol tank if it’s running low. The few extra minutes it takes to stop for petrol will save the next driver the hassle and inconvenience of starting their trip with an empty tank.

To make refuelling easy, every one of our cars comes with an Esso fuel card that’s typically in the sun visor above the driver’s seat. Not only is the petrol cost on us, but you’ll also receive a promo code for helping us refuel.

Learn how to use the Esso fuel card.

05 • Don’t end your Electric Vehicle (EV) drive with a low battery

(Photo: WhichCar)

Choosing an EV shows your consideration for our planet. Let’s also show some care for other drivers who want to book an EV by returning it to its suggested charging lot and leaving it to charge at the end of your booking.

Please remember these 3 golden rules when it comes to EV charging:

  • Rule 1: If your EV’s battery level is below 50%, return and charge it at its charging lot
  • Rule 2: If your EV’s battery level is above 50%, return it to its home lot
  • Rule 3: Avoid parking at charging lots without charging the EV as it’s illegal and can incur a penalty

Together, we can all do our part to make sustainable rides a positive experience.

Check out this article for a rundown on charging EVs. 🔋

06 • Try not to return the car late

(Photo: Wikimedia)

It’s a good practice to return shared cars on time so you don’t keep the next driver waiting. Being late can throw off their schedule and plans — so let’s work together to keep the system running smoothly! 💪🏻

Don’t forget to use the 15-minute grace period at the end of your booking to complete your post-trip vehicle condition report.

07 • Notify us of any issues with the car

When using a shared car, it’s important to notify us immediately of any issues you encounter during your trip so that we can head down and fix them. You can make use of our Vehicle Condition Report feature to do so.

Also, don’t forget you use the 15-minute grace periods at the beginning and end of your bookings to complete the vehicle condition reports, as this can also give us insights into any possible issues with the car.

08 • Drive in a safe manner

(Photo: Drive)

Life isn’t like Fast & Furious, and your need for speed can put yourself and others at risk. As a courtesy to your fellow drivers, it’s important to obey all traffic laws, including speed limits.

Slow down, leave extra room between you and other vehicles, and avoid sudden braking, accelerating, or turning. This also helps ensure a smooth drive for your passengers and reduces wear and tear on the vehicle. Not to mention, it gives carsharing users the good reputation that they deserve. So be part of the 99% of carsharing drivers that follow traffic safety rules and regulations!

(Featured photo adapted from:WhichCar, Flickr, Caversham Coachworks, and Mastertech Auto Care)

You now have the knowledge and power to make a positive difference in the carsharing community! So do your part, keep calm, and keep carsharing!

Drive on!
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