Best things to do in Singapore for Hari Raya 2023


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Hari Raya is almost upon us, and with the festive season comes an entire slew of activities to try out! With so much to do, you might feel a little overwhelmed thinking about your options. 

No need to fret. We know just how spoiled for choice you are going to be in the days leading up to Hari Raya — not to mention the big day itself. So we wrote this helpful list of activities you can do for Hari Raya 2023. Take your pick, or just do them all. 🙌

01 • Snag stylish Hari Raya threads

One of the most important activities during Hari Raya is buying new clothes. After all, you dress to impress, and it’s human nature to want to look good for your friends and family.

Why not check out Batique? We reckon it’s one of the best places to buy Hari Raya clothes. They seamlessly combine tradition and modernity to create great contemporary Malay fashion. Whether you’re either a sucker for tradition or love all things modern, you can have your cake and eat it too with Batique!

If you’re a fan of batik prints, Ozel is the place for you. Batik, an Indonesian art form using wax and coloured dyes to create patterns on coloured cloth, is widely popular among SIngaporeans — making Ozel a stylish choice for you this Hari Raya. They also do custom orders too!

And if you need more suggestions on where to buy your Raya clothing, we’ve got a guide just for you.

02 • Buy Hari Raya decorations and furniture at IKEA

(Photo: IKEA)

Furniture giant IKEA has come up with a new collection for Hari Raya. It includes furniture and decorations such as curtains, tableware, and cushions — with designs and patterns inspired by Turkey’s Blue Mosque.

The collection also includes a really cute moon-and-star LED lantern that’ll light up and give off some relaxing night sky vibes. In the same vein, there’s also a moon-shaped LED table decoration to accentuate those vibes!

If you’re looking for more decorations or furniture to spruce up your home for Hari Raya, IKEA has you covered with all sorts of products — from tables and chairs to cookware that’ll really bring out the festive spirit in your home.

03 • Pick up a meal at the Ramadan Bazaar

(Photo: Today Online)

The Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar is one of the highlights of every Hari Raya, offering loads of scrumptious food, from snacks to full meals. And with 2023’s bazaar being the biggest yet, there’s plenty of delicious choices waiting for you to try!

The Ramadan Bazaar includes delights like Praffles, which are pratas fried in a waffle machine to make them extra crispy. They have six flavours available, including the decadent Satay Bagus Praffle, which is stuffed with otah, chicken satay, and ketupat smothered with peanut sauce.

But that’s not all. If you’re in the mood for fusion cuisine, check out Street Wok by Maktok Kitchen, which carries among other things, Bao Buns stuffed with Korean fried chicken and sambal cockles — I can taste the spice already. 😋

All these savoury options would go well with something sweet to finish off the day, and where better to go than Rainbow Works? They offer a range of desserts, among which is the Japan Banana, a pancake rolled up in the shape of a banana, stuffed with Nutella, banana puree, or cheese.

04 • Learn about the history of Hari Raya at the National Museum

When we think of museums, we think of dusty, boring places that are most definitely not associated with fun. So when we heard that the National Museum was hosting a Hari Raya 2023 celebration, we were excited.

Taking place on 29 April, the Hari Raya celebration consists of a series of interactive activities that’ll allow you and your bubbas to have a hands-on experience during the learning process.

In the mood to discover various aspects of Hari Raya? Book a slot for “We Celebrate: Hari Raya”. This activity will take you on a journey to find facets of Hari Raya both well-known and obscure. Along the way, you’ll discover clues that’ll lead you to your destinations — and we’ve also heard that something tasty awaits you after completing this activity.

Or maybe you’re more into fashion and crafting your own accessories? In that case, why not check out A Lighter Side of History: A Fashionable Raya? You’ll not only get to witness the evolution of Hari Raya fashion throughout the years, but also get to participate in a workshop to craft your own brooch!

05 • Visit your friends and family

Hari Raya isn’t just about celebrating the end of Ramadan. It’s also about visiting your friends and family, seeking forgiveness for past wrongs, and just having a good time with your loved ones.

This Raya, make sure to spend some time with your friends and family on the day itself, as well as after Hari Raya, too! After all, you can do a lot with the people you love — from playing games together, sharing a meal, or even just plopping down on the couch and watching TV together.

06 • Get a henna tattoo

(Photo: Kalyana Fever)

Henna tattoos are a wonderful tradition with an origin that not even historians are sure of. It’s a very popular activity that’s practised around the times of Hari Raya and Deepavali. Have you seen those intricate designs before? It’s art, plain and simple, and we love it.

Said to symbolise various forms of blessings, you can get henna designs ranging from flowers and butterflies and to vines and more. Henna is usually drawn on the hands, but you can also get them drawn on practically any part of your body. It’s your choice!

With all these in mind, you might be wondering where you can get a henna. Good thing Singapore has plenty of henna artists, such as the ones listed out here.


07 • Try your hand at baking Hari Raya kueh

(Photo: TheSmartLocal)

Not everyone can bake, and that’s okay. But if you want to try your hand at it with the help of family and friends, why not test your skills this Hari Raya by baking some traditional kueh? The best part is that even if you’re completely unfamiliar with baking, you can still help out during the pre-baking process.

Think honey cornflakes, pineapple tarts, and kueh makmur… mmm, delicious.😋 Some are easier to make than others, but we can all agree that all of them taste good. Plus, they make pretty good conversational snacks.

(Featured photo: Lifestyle Asia)

Selamat Hari Raya!
Adam 😃

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