Electric vehicle review: Here’s our take on the BYD e6 in Singapore (2022)


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BYD has come a long way from its utilitarian past manufacturing buses, trucks, electric bikes, and more. The new BYD e6 is a testament to its success as an electric car maker. It’s a well-styled MPV that showcases BYD’s latest battery and electric vehicle (EV) technology. The e6 features BYD’s new Blade Battery — which is considered a breakthrough in battery technology not just because of its size, but safety as well. Capable of driving more than 500km on a single 1.5-hour DC charge, it’s one of the best-value MPVs in the EV market today. Read on to learn more about the BYD e6 in Singapore. 🧐

Exterior and Design

MPVs are well-received in Singapore, which makes the e6 a perfect fit for the market. Even better, BYD has injected plenty of creativity into the styling of the e6. The end result is an MPV that looks sleek and modern with its blanked out front grille and aerodynamic curves that make it look as sophisticated as a spaceship on wheels.

Instead of adopting sliding rear doors like a regular MPV, the e6 uses regular doors, which in my opinion, makes it look more energetic and sporty, yet modern and sharp. Young families with active lifestyles will definitely enjoy the spacious cabin and boot, which can accommodate almost any excursion or activity.

Interior & Practicality

What’s interesting about the e6 is that despite looking like an MPV, it’s actually a 5-seater that comes with plenty of rear passenger space and an impressive 580L of boot space. This makes the e6 the only MPV in Singapore with 5 seats instead of 7 —  which is an odd, yet ultimately clever move. Most compact MPVs with 7 seats tend to compromise on space, with little legroom in the third row and very little boot space.

As a 5-seater MPV, the e6 provides superb legroom and can comfortably accommodate 3 passengers in the back. It also offers excellent boot space that can accommodate a full-sized baby stroller (or two) with ease. ISOFIX points on the two other rear seats also ensure that you’ll be able to transport your little ones in ISOFIX-compatible car seats.

Up front, the e6 features a clean and simple dashboard design that’s dominated by a modern infotainment unit, which is Bluetooth enabled so you can play your favourite Spotify playlists. The 10.1” infotainment unit is also one of the largest in its class, and features one of the most attractive looking bezels among its competitors.

At the driver’s instrument cluster, you’ll find a partial digital driver’s display that shows vehicle and trip information. It also offers access to some quick controls via the multi-function steering wheel.

One of our favourite features has to be the option to adjust the fan speed on the steering wheel controls, which is very useful and something that I haven’t seen on any other car yet. This function is even more relevant as the climate controls in the e6 are embedded within the infotainment unit instead of being controlled through a separate button-operated module. While it does take a little bit of time to access your climate controls, it adds a layer of sophistication to the user experience, differentiating the e6 from other entry-level options in the market.

The centre console is extremely practical, featuring a handful of buttons that carry out many different functions, along with the drive selector knob. The rest of the centre console houses storage spaces of various shapes and sizes that will be very useful for storing things like your mobile phone and other knick-knacks. Storage areas also have a rubber lining that helps hold your items in place and prevent any unpleasant plastic-on-plastic scratching sounds.

Driving & Technology

The e6 was never made to be a performance vehicle. But with its electric drivetrain, it delivers impressive torque, especially for city driving and light-to-light traffic. The response is immediate and the car moves with purpose, aided by a chassis that is pleasantly solid, providing an almost continental driving experience.

With the stiffness of the chassis, the e6 feels secure when you turn a corner. The car handles admirably for an MPV-styled vehicle, and the suspension is both firm and comfortable. Overall, the car handles well and exceeds expectations when it comes to resisting lean in the corners.

At highway speeds, the e6’s torque tapers off a little, and the vehicle transitions to a smooth cruise and a rather effortless driving experience. At heavier acceleration, the car surges forward purposefully, yet you won’t feel like you’re plastered to your seat. It’s a perfect car for driving on Singapore’s expressways.


The BYD e6 is an excellent all-rounder in our opinion, and offers the utility of an MPV, the styling of a modern car, the power of an electric drivetrain, and the practicalities of a huge second row and boot space. Active families who want to spend plenty of time out on excursions will definitely enjoy the BYD e6 and find good use for the space provided.

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