5 flexible side hustles you can do for extra income in Singapore


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Extra income? Yes please! Seriously though, we could all use some more cash each month. Especially when everything in Singapore is getting more expensive, thanks to inflation and the latest GST increase. But if you have the time, energy, and motivation to put in a few extra hours of work every week — one of the best ways to earn extra cash is with a side hustle.

Flexible part-time jobs you can do in Singapore to earn extra income

Ever feel like the income from your day job is never enough? It’s a feeling we’ve all had at one time or another. But having an extra 10%-20% cash every month would certainly make it easier to achieve your financial goals — whether it’s saving up for that stylish handbag, paying down bills or saving up for a rainy day. 

Some of you may be wondering “what’s the difference between a part-time job and a flexible side hustle”? For a part-time job, you need to attend an interview, you can’t pick your shifts, and you can’t choose the location you want to work at. Flexible jobs are a great way to earn extra money because you can choose when and where you want to work. Even better, many gig jobs require little to no training — all you need to do is show up and complete your shifts. 

We took a look at the flexible jobs available on FastGig to uncover the 5 most popular weekly paid jobs in Singapore: 

Event/roadshow associate

If you’re outgoing, enjoy talking to new people, and have a passion for showing people how to do things — then you’re just the kind of person companies are looking for as an event/roadshow associate! 

When it comes to events and roadshows, keep in mind that you may be required to work on the sales and/or logistics side of things. So check the job description carefully. 

On the sales side, your job will be to promote and demonstrate various products to the general public as they pass by. You’ll also need to answer questions about the product and direct customers to either make a purchase with a sales associate or through the product’s website to buy online. 

On the logistics side, your job will be to set up the booth and keep things running smoothly and well stocked. This is more labour intensive than working on the sales side, so be aware when applying for an event/roadshow associate side gig. 

Do keep in mind you’ll be on your feet for a few hours if you take on this side gig. So come prepared by wearing some comfy shoes. Also, depending on the event, you may be indoors or outdoors. So bring sunscreen and a water bottle ready if it’s the latter. 

💲Pay: you can expect to earn about $12+ per hour doing this gig. 

Warehouse packer

Working as a warehouse packer is about as simple and systematic as it gets — you just need to pack, label, and lift boxes all day. But if you like the idea of getting exercise while working in an air-conditioned environment, this side gig may be just what you’re looking for.

As a warehouse packer, you’ll basically be packing, sealing, and labelling boxes filled with various products for local and international orders. You’ll also need to do some housekeeping around your work area to keep it clean and tidy. Doesn’t get much simpler than that, does it?

Do note that you’ll be on your feet for hours in this side gig, so be sure to have a pair of comfy, non-slip shoes.

💲Pay: You can expect to earn about $10+ per hour doing this gig.

Retail assistant

Retail assistant side gigs are great if you want to work for a major retailer and have a strong desire to help people find what they’re looking for. 

As a retail assistant, you’ll have a number of responsibilities including keeping walking areas tidy, restocking merchandise displays, and helping customers find the products they’re looking for. You may also be required to help with ad hoc tasks when necessary, such as checking the stock room for product availability or other duties. 

As with the other gig jobs mentioned, you’ll be on your feet walking around during your shift, so bring a comfy pair of walking shoes! 

💲Pay: you can expect to earn about $8+ per hour doing this gig. 

Service crew

If you have a friendly personality, good memory, and are so good at cleaning that nothing escapes your eagle eyes, then you’re a great fit for a service crew side hustle!

As a service crew member, you’ll play an important part in keeping F&B establishments clean and neat. You’ll need to help set tables and take food and beverage orders from customers. Maintaining the cleanliness of the eatery and providing good customer service will be very important in this role. You may also be required to act as a cashier too when the need arises too.

Before you ask, yes, you’ll need a comfy pair of shoes for this job as you’ll be out and about setting tables and serving customers with a smile.

💲Pay: you can expect to earn about $12+ per hour doing this gig.


Have at least a Class 2B licence? Know your way around Singapore’s streets so well that you’re basically a human GPS system? If so, you’re a fantastic candidate for a delivery driver side gig!

I think you can guess what a delivery driver does. But in case you’re curious, you’ll ferry food or goods to customers across your work location’s area of service. You’ll also need to ride safely and be friendly with the customers you meet when delivering the goods.

You’ll need a bike (and yes, shoes), but if you don’t have a bike, some companies have some available for delivery drivers to use. And most important of all, have a good motorcycle helmet!

💲Pay: you can expect to earn about $12+ per hour doing this gig.

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