Phasing into Phase 2: Activities you still can do


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Hey GetGoers! With the recent restrictions that have been added to minimise the transmission of COVID-19, we know that some of us may be having a rough time adjusting to the new measures — especially under such short notice.

If the thought of being cooped up at home is too much to bear, then it’s time to shake up your Phase 2 routine! Here are some activities you can still do while keeping safe.

Order in, or takeaway a delicious meal

Image credits: Grain Catering

We all know that Singaporeans live to eat, and the recent restriction of no dine-in has definitely gotten us pretty bummed out. Gone are our late-night supper bonding sessions, catch up over dinners and Sunday brunches. 😢

On the bright side, we live in a small and connected city where islandwide delivery is available at your fingertips. Treat your loved ones to a feast with the wide variety of cuisines you can find on your delivery platform of choice.

Alternatively, if you’re craving some comfort food from your go-to local food spot, you can always head down to the place and get it to-go! Our local food businesses need our support more than ever, so it’s a total win-win situation.

We may not be able to enjoy eating out during this time, but eating in still has its perks: succumb to that food coma in the comfort of your own home! 😴

Pick up a new skill (or two)

The last time we were all in Circuit Breaker, every social media post was about trying something new — be it cooking, learning a new dance on TikTok, or the famous Dalgona coffee trend. ☕️

Now that staying home is the norm again, take this time to discover a new side of you by picking up a new skill! There are plenty of online courses for you to explore, and the sky’s the limit when you have websites like Skillshare to discover the perfect class for you.

Let’s all come out of this Phase 2 as an upgraded version of ourselves! 😉

Shop for furniture to make your WFH enjoyable

Image credits: Ikano Group

As working from home is now the default, it’s only essential to make your home as cosy as possible, since you’ll be spending most of your time at home. 🙆

Now’s the time to get that shelf you’ve been wanting to buy. Challenge yourself and your family by building furniture together, and indulge in that sense of satisfaction after you’ve completed the task!

Pop by everyone’s trusty, dependable furniture store, IKEA, for a quick furniture haul to create the best environment for you to stay home during this period.

Don’t leave without bringing home some of the signature meatballs (yes, they’re still available for takeaway) to share!

Grocery shopping with the fam

No, we’re not telling you stock up on toilet rolls and instant noodles, but a trip to the supermarket could be a simple, yet fun activity for the whole family!

Refresh your snack bar with some of your favorite snacks, or get some fresh food to try out that recipe you saved that one time but haven’t gotten around to. 👨‍🍳

Go for a joyride

Image credits: Little Steps Asia

It’s almost the June Holidays, and we know that kids can get restless while staying home all the time. Take your family out on a fun getaway by going on a road trip — drive around Singapore to sightsee and show them your best tour guide impression!

Some examples of scenic areas you can drive to: Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, Yishun Dam and Sunset Way.

Image credits: NParks Singapore

Explore the most secluded places in Singapore, all while in the comfort and safety of a car. Our GetGo cars are frequently sanitised and cleaned, making them safe for GetGoers to still enjoy the #FreedomToDrive. 🚙💨

We’ve gotten through this before, and we’ll get through it again. Let’s stay safe and do our part in curbing the spread of COVID-19. 💪

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* Code is only valid for the first booking. Other T&Cs apply.

Stay safe, GetGoers!
Ella 😷✨

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