Popular and useful Telegram channels for drivers in Singapore


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Many of us use Telegram for messaging and join groups to stay updated on food and shopping deals, a part of our daily routine. But did you know that there are several incredibly useful Telegram channels designed specifically for drivers? 

Whether it’s staying informed about real-time traffic conditions, receiving alerts about accidents or roadblocks, or even finding convenient rides, these five Telegram channels have got you covered. 🚙

01 • SG Rd Updates

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Tired of spending your valuable time trapped in never-ending traffic jams? Look no further! SG Road Updates is your ultimate traffic companion, boasting an impressive 25,000 subscribers, making it Singapore’s largest and most trusted source for real-time traffic updates. With this channel, you’ll effortlessly navigate the city’s congested roads, whether you’re a daily commuter or an occasional driver. 

You can join the channel here.

02 • SG Road Chat

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Are you a vigilant road warrior who prioritises safety and community spirit? Join SG Road Chat, a dedicated channel designed for those who share this commitment. Boasting a community of over 14,000 subscribers, this channel serves as a collective hub for compassionate individuals who actively report accidents, obstructions, or potential road disruptions. 

You can join the channel here.

03 • SG Road Blocks/Traffic News

Get ready to stay in the know like never before! With over 32,000 subscribers, our Telegram channel offers you real-time updates on crucial information such as road traffic, accidents, serious jams, roadblocks, OHB speed traps, and LTA activities at bus lanes. Whether you’re a daily driver or an occasional road traveler, this channel is your ultimate companion for a smoother, safer journey. 

You can join the channel here.

04 • SG Hitch Singapore

SGHitch serves as the crucial link connecting drivers with hitchers, offering a cost-effective solution following the discontinuation of late-night GrabHitch services. With a thriving community of over 170,000 subscribers, it’s a dynamic platform where willing drivers and hitchers unite to facilitate shared rides. Embrace this economical and reliable travel community today.

You can join the channel here

05 • GetGo Carsharing Official

(Photo: GetGo)

If you’re a carsharing enthusiast, this is the perfect channel for you! GetGo Carsharing Official is your one-stop spot for all things related to Singapore’s #1 carsharing service. As the official Telegram channel, we provide fleet updates, exclusive deals, and engaging content from the GetGo blog. Join now to stay in the loop about the latest news and fantastic offers you won’t want to miss.

You can join the channel here.

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In short, these Telegram channels are a driver’s best friend in Singapore. From real-time traffic updates to economical shared rides, there’s something for everyone. Join these channels today to supercharge your driving experience. 🚙

Drive safe!
Yuri 🚙

Enhance your carsharing experience with these Telegram channels. Book a car anytime, anywhere. 🚗

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