The best and most interesting June holiday enrichment classes for your kids


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Can you hear shrieks of excitement from your kiddos? That means the June holidays have finally arrived!

Apart from spending time with the fam, the holidays are also the perfect time to pick up new skills and knowledge. Learning can be fun too — as these exciting enrichment classes will show.

01 • Tomato Cooking School Summer 2023 Cooking Camp

(Photo: Photo: HoneyKids Asia)

Ah, the joy of cooking! There’s nothing like watching your creations come to life in the form of delicious food. And if your kids happen to have dreams of becoming chefs in the future, go on and send them to Tomato Cooking School’s Summer Camp.

They host quarterly cooking camps, each consisting of 5 lessons where lil’ participants can learn to cook a different dish every day. Each quarter has a different theme, such as a harvest-inspired theme, a Chinese New Year theme, and much more. 

You can also look forward to trying out the food your kids made once they’re home. 🥰

02 • Arthaus Holiday Programs for Kids

Drawing and painting are childhood favourites that unfortunately take a back seat, due to other commitments and hobbies as we grow older. With Arthaus’s holiday programmes, you can be sure that your kids’ love of art is sustained for a long time.

Pick from either a 3-day or 5-day package of 2-hour sessions, or choose single-session Art Jams. Whatever the case, your young artist will come home with cool new artwork that you can proudly hang on the wall.

03 • SG Basketball June Holiday Camp 2023

Where there is basketball, there is fun. Be it a friendly game or a serious competition, it’s pure joy to dribble, pass, and toss the ball through the hoop.

Let your bubba experience that kind of fun and learn new skills along the way at the SG Basketball June Holiday Camp 2023.

The series of classes conducted over the span of a week will get your kids acquainted with the basics of basketball, as well as up their game and make new friends! 🏀

04 • Coding Lab

The ability to do coding is quickly becoming a valuable and sought-after skill. If you’re looking to enrol your kid into coding lessons, Coding Lab has you covered.

Expect a wide range of activities that are divided by age group, starting from children aged 5 to 6, up to the ages of 13 to 18.

Activities include game development, learning Python (an important coding language), building your own robot, and app development. Now that’s interesting and fun!

05 • The Potters’ Guilt Holiday Children Workshops

For the more hands-on child, check out the Holiday Children Workshops where you and your little one will take turns to create a masterpiece. Through the resulting triumphs and tribulations, you and your child will grow closer and maybe have a few laughs together.

If you have teen kids who like pottery, the Pottery Do-It-All course will pique their interest. It involves 3 hours of sculpting figures using clay. And the only limit? Your imagination.

06 • Camp Asia

Camp Asia has a little of everything — this includes an incredibly varied lineup of activities for you and the little ones to choose from!

Among the camps you can sign up for are a soccer camp, a gymnastics camp, and even a mini dojo camp. If sports isn’t your thing, try out the drama camp or art camp.

07 • Superfly Parkour Kids Camp

(Photo: Superfly)

Has your kid ever expressed a desire to be a stunt performer or just wanted to try out some cool parkour moves? Then this camp is for them.

Among the things they’ll learn are rail balancing, breaking falls, the basics of landing, and how to vault and climb obstacles — all in a safe environment. In no time you’ll have a little stunt performer in the fam. 

Also, learning parkour is pretty good for kids, as it teaches them coordination and increases their fitness.💪

(Featured photo: SmileTutor)

Happy learning!
Adam 🎒

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