The top F1 technology features in our everyday cars


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Did you know the first Formula One (F1) night race was held in Singapore in 2008? While F1 has been gaining popularity recently, many people still don’t see the appeal of watching 20 drivers speed through a race track for 2 hours.

You may not know that many of the technologies used in everyday road cars were first tested and developed in F1 cars!

Here are the 4 most interesting technologies that appeared in F1 before making their way to your everyday car. 🏁

01 • Aerodynamics

F1 teams have been at the forefront of designing aerodynamic cars. They conduct endless research and testing to create the sleek and streamlined designs of F1 cars, which help improve fuel efficiency and reduce drag.

These advancements have influenced the design of regular road cars for people like us. Yes, even your favourite old sedan has inherited improvements that were first used to boost an F1 car’s performance and fuel economy.

If you fancy a taste of the speed that aerodynamic F1 cars offer, try out these racing-related activities in Singapore.

02 • Carbon fibre construction

(Photo: Torque News)

The introduction of lightweight carbon fibre in the frames of F1 cars has made them stronger and faster than ever before. In the road cars we drive, this revolutionary carbon fibre tech can absorb plenty of impact energy to keep you and your loved ones safer in an accident. The cherry on top is that the light carbon fibre also makes our journeys more fuel-efficient so we don’t have to refuel so frequently. 💸

03 • Hybrid powertrains

(Photo: Carbuyer)

The reason why your car can get you to places is due to its powertrain — which is a system that helps propel the car forward. A hybrid powertrain combines energy from 2 or more power sources, like a fuel engine and an electric motor. 

To take this one step further, F1 teams have developed powertrains with Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems (KERS), which transform waste energy from braking into extra speed. KERS also gives F1 cars an eco-friendly boost by saving every ounce of energy! 

This breakthrough has paved the way for the hybrid vehicles we see on our roads today.

04 • Tyre Technology

(Photo: Smart Motorist)

What’s a car without tyres? The quest for optimal grip and performance has led to the development of high-performance tyres for race and road vehicles. Advanced tyre materials and innovative tread patterns give present-day tyres a better grip on the road for smoother turns around corners and safer manoeuvring on wet roads. With tyres like these, you can drive safely knowing your car can handle Singapore’s slippery roads during rainy conditions. 🛞

(Featured photo: Car Throttle)

Which team are you supporting in this upcoming night race? Personally, I’m rooting for a certain British driver. 😉

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