How to make the most of the technology in GetGo’s Electric Vehicles (EVs)


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Carsharing helps decrease Singapore’s carbon emissions by reducing the number of cars on the road. This aligns with the Singapore Green Plan 2030, which aims to achieve net zero emissions on the island. As a carsharing company that supports sustainable mobility, we’re committed to operating a fully electric and hybrid fleet by 2030. Having more Electric Vehicles (EVs) in our fleet means you’ll be able to experience cutting-edge technology, whether you’re taking a quick drive to the supermarket or going on a multi-destination adventure with your family. Discover some of the top tech features in GetGo’s Electric Vehicles and use them fully. 👇

01 • Go cloudspotting or stargazing in the Polestar 2

(Photo: Marc Urbano)

Hop into the ultra-modern Polestar 2 for an otherworldly experience under the sky. This ridiculously innovative sedan offers a panoramic view that stretches over the whole roof of the car. It’s perfect for gazing up at fluffy clouds or the starry night sky while you zoom down the road. You don’t have to lie down on prickly grass with curious insects — because the Polestar 2’s front seats are plush and can even be heated during sweater weather. ☔️

To further elevate your drive, the Polestar 2 boasts Harman Kardon premium speakers for an immersive audio experience. Feel the deep bass and crisp highs as your favourite tunes come alive. You’ll be thrilled with the entertainment options available on the car’s infotainment system, and you can even link it to your Google account.

With the Polestar 2, you can forget about fumbling for your keys. Even with the key fob tucked in your pocket or purse, you can unlock the car simply by touching the door handle and start the engine just by sitting down. It will even cue your favourite playlist and adjust to your preferred seat position and mirror settings when it detects your key fob. There’s a reason why this is one of the best EVs available today.

02 • Plan a stylish date night with the BYD Atto 3

(Photo adapted from: Wap Car)

If you’d like to go all out on impressing that special someone, the BYD Atto 3 needs to be on your list. The car is designed with the themes of fitness and music in mind, with an interior that features sleek and sculpted curves.

You don’t need to look too close to notice that the lines flowing across the dashboard resemble sinewy muscles, and the air-conditioning vents look like dumbbells. As if that’s not stylish enough, you’ll feel like you’re on a rowing machine while opening the doors. But these features aren’t just for show — they offer a tactile experience to boost your journey.

The experience of driving is always elevated with the right music. The people who made this car must’ve been at their creative best because you’ll find elastic red strings instead of the usual door pockets, and they sound like a guitar when strummed.

The Atto 3 also has rhythm-reactive ambient lighting that changes colours according to the music you play for a concert-like atmosphere. Date night is bound to be incredible with these groovy features! 🎶

03Upgrade your picnic with the Hyundai IONIQ 5

(Photo: Hyundai)

We often think that reconnecting with nature means slowing down. But what if we told you that it’s possible to experience nature while driving the Hyundai IONIQ 5? As unbelievable as it may sound for an EV that looks futuristic, the car’s entire body is constructed from recycled materials and finished with a unique bio paint made from rapeseed flowers and corn extract. Meanwhile, the seat covers are made from eco-processed leather, whereas other textiles are woven with sustainable fibres like upcycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic bottles.

The IONIQ 5 will boost your picnics with its 3-pin plug socket that can power any lights you need for your fairytale garden party. Those who are in work mode should make use of this feature to juice up your laptop.

There’s also extra room in the front booth under the bonnet if you ever run out of space in the rear boot.

04 Stretch your legs in the Hyundai KONA EV

(Photo: Hyundai)

As compact SUVs go, the Hyundai KONA EV is more spacious than a sedan but still easier to manoeuvre than a regular SUV. The car emphasises comfort for everyone, including passengers in the backseats. There’s ample legroom for you to fully relax and enjoy the drive. This EV is a great option for picking up your loved ones from the airport, as it offers ample boot space for all their luggage and souvenirs.

Untangling cables can be frustrating, especially when you want to focus on driving. The KONA EV features a wireless charging pad in the central console to ease your journey. When the ignition switch is turned on, simply clear the pad of any clutter and place your Qi-enabled smartphone on it to start charging. With the assurance of comfort and convenience, this electric SUV ticks all the right boxes!

05 • Furnish your home with the help of the BYD T3

Have you ever stopped by IKEA for something as simple as kitchen utensils and bought new furniture? It happens to the best of us! With the BYD T3, you can follow your dreams and bring your haul home easily without the hassle of arranging for delivery. The T3 is an all-electric commercial van with a whopping 3,800 litres of cargo space. That’s more than enough room for a new armchair to spruce up your home! 🏠

Despite its roomy interior, the van is still compact and easy to navigate around tight corners like multi-storey car parks or narrow roads. The BYD T3’s height also adheres to the height limit of most HDB car parks in Singapore.

Read our full review of the BYD T3.

06 • Have a family field trip with the BYD m3E

(Photo adapted from: Torque)

The BYD m3E is a 7-seater MPV that will cater perfectly to your family. Although larger in size, the m3E can be fully charged within 1 hour and 18 minutes. Once its battery is full, the car can go up to 300km before recharging. That means you can take it for a full-day family adventure without having to hunt for an EV charging station, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Those with young ones in tow will be heartened to know that the m3E prioritises safety. This model has been put through numerous safety tests, including collisions, rainy weather, and high temperatures and passed all of them. It also comes with child safety locks and a crash sensor, among other protective features. With a safe and reliable EV like the m3E, you can focus on spending quality time with your loved ones. 👶

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