8 practical tips on how to save money during your GetGo drives


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Tips on how to save money during your GetGo drives_car sharing singapore

Here in our little red dot, it’s in our DNA to hunt for the best deals 24/7.

The beauty of booking a GetGo drive means that you’re not only helping the environment by using carsharing in Singapore, but also saving money by only paying for the hours and mileage driven.

To further stretch your dollar, here are 8 tips on how to get the most bang for your buck during your GetGo drives.

01 Save money, use a promo code

Plant growing out of a glass of coins.

We’re all about saving that precious coin, so to further lower the costs of driving freedom, we’re continuously dropping promos to give you the best experience possible.

To make sure you’re in the loop on all of our latest promos, subscribe to our mailing list at the bottom of this page — just enter your name and email and tap that sign-up button! 👇

You can also check out our Facebook and Telegram for our latest promos and giveaways!

02 Plan more, worry less

A view of the steering wheel, with a phone showing directions on a phone mount

Did you know that you can reduce your booking charges by planning your routes clearly? 😉

That’s right! Having a clear itinerary before you hit the road allows for less stressful and more efficient drives. And most importantly — cheaper drives.

Here’s a quick guide on our rates so that you can start planning the route for your next adventure.

03 To EV or not to EV?

Hyundai IONIQ 5 on the road

Come 2030, Singapore will become a car-lite society, and we’ll be seeing a lot more hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs) on the road. 

Get ahead of the curve and book a drive with one of our EVs as a test run for future excursions using green vehicles. If you’re a frequent driver, It can also be a good opportunity to try different EVs for yourself before choosing to buy in the future. 

If you’re unfamiliar, the mileage charges for our EVs are cheaper than our standard petrol cars. This makes them a good option for days at the beach or IKEA shopping trips as the car will be parked for some time — you’d be saving money and the environment!

04 Why pay when you can park for free?

An empty car park

This might be a no-brainer, but free parking helps you save a lot of money. Check out our comprehensive list of where to find free parking in Singapore!

05 User guides are more essential than you think

A sign that says info in block letters.

Time is money. And we don’t want you using up your valuable driving time trying to figure out how to open the fuel door, disengage the parking brake, or use any other essential car feature. 

So if you’re booking a new vehicle, it’s always a good idea to check out our car user guides before your drive — so you can spend more time enjoying your trip! 

06 Refuel a car and get a promo code

A hand holding an Esso fuel card

If you have some extra time during your booking and notice that the fuel tank is running low, consider helping your fellow drivers out by refuelling with the Esso card located in all of our cars. 

As thanks, we’ll give you a promo code that you can use for your next drive! 🙌

07 Add better protection

A man facing forward, with his hands on a steering wheel.

Sometimes, accidents can happen even to the safest of drivers, due to the unpredictable nature of Singapore’s roads. And accidents can be costly. 

If you’d like added protection for yourself and your loved ones, we recommend that you always opt in for the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), which reduces your insurance excess in the event of an unfortunate incident.

08 Early bird? Save on your breakfast trips

A table featuring dimsum, a Chinese tofu dish, a Chinese teapot and various tableware.

Got up a tad too early? Book a car from only $3/hour when you head out for your morning cuppa between 6am and 9am on weekdays.

We even wrote a blog post on the best breakfast spots in Singapore for people like you. 💙

We hope you’ll consider these tips the next time you book a drive with us. Here’s to fighting inflation together! 😭

Safe travels!
Madeline 💰

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