9 ways that life in Singapore is made easier with GetGo’s cars


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Singapore’s beloved public transport system can take us almost anywhere. But sometimes you just want to get a meal after midnight or experience the thrill of exploring ulu locations. Those are moments when buses and trains might not be able to bring you to your desired destination. In times like these, driving is a better option.

Forget about crowds at the MRT station or running after the bus, and unlock a world of spontaneity with carsharing. A whole new side of Singapore is waiting for you to discover, and our cars are ready to bring you there. Read on to discover 9 activities made easy and exciting with GetGo’s cars!

01 • Have a wedding photoshoot without sweating through your wardrobe

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When capturing special memories with your future spouse, you don’t want to be soaking in sweat from the sweltering journey to your shoot location. Not only that, you’ll also need a secure place to store your outfits, props, and your photographer’s camera equipment. With the help of our cars, wedding photoshoots can be memorable for all the right reasons. You might even squeeze a few more destinations into your day with the time you save by driving — and you won’t even break a sweat! More importantly, you won’t have to worry about transporting what you need for your photoshoot. You can just focus on celebrating your love. 💗

02 • Savour late-night suppers without worrying about catching the last train

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As a self-proclaimed foodie nation, supper in Singapore is a treasured pastime. But sometimes, you need something more than just cup noodles. Instead of rummaging through your cupboards, you can hop into one of our cars to satisfy your cravings. You can eat your way through the best restaurants in Geylang, feast on Thai mookata, or devour some delicious dim sum. Best of all, you can stay out as late as you like knowing that there’s a car to take you home when you’ve had your fill.

03 • Use of our vans to deliver parcels for your small business

Running a small business is tough work, but our spacious electric vans can help to take a load off your shoulders. Use them to bring your goods to customers all over the island without having to struggle with cramming boxes into your car or paying expensive delivery fees. With GetGo, you’ll have plenty of room for all the parcels you need to deliver. Our BYD T3 van has sliding doors along with a rear cargo door so you can reach for any package easily. It’s also compact enough to fit in most HDB car parks and navigate tight turns with easy. Your customers will be delighted when their purchases arrive so quickly!

04 • Pick up your loved ones from Changi Airport

(Photo: Changi Airport)

There’s nothing better than going down to Changi Airport to greet returning loved ones with a big hug and drive them home. With carsharing, you can pick up your friends and family and avoid the chaos of competing with other travellers for transportation. Our fleet has standard sedans that can hold a couple of suitcases and MPVs or SUVs if you need more boot space. You could also surprise your loved one with the Hyundai IONIQ 5, which features zero-gravity front seats with leg rests. They’ll be delighted to recline after hours of enduring cramped aeroplane seats. 🧳

05 • Take your kids out for a full day of fun and games

Travelling around with your little ones usually means lugging around strollers, toys, and snacks among other items to keep them happy. Why not take your kiddos out in one of our cars to avoid the fuss? They can nap safely until you reach your destination, saving their energy for an action-packed day of fun. You’ll be glad to be free of heavy diaper bags and bulky prams. Carsharing can make big days out with your little ones much easier, so you can have more time to indulge your inner child too! 👶

06 • Visit remote parts of Singapore

(Photo: Lonely Planet)

Singapore may be small, but there are plenty of hidden spots to discover. You could experience the rustic charm of the secret lalang field at Tuas, or learn how to make ceramic artwork with a traditional dragon kiln at Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle. Places like these are super ulu, and best accessed by driving. Whether you’re a tourist seeking out Singapore’s hidden gems or a local looking to fall in love with our island all over again, our cars are perfect for those far-flung adventures.

07 • Move in and out of university halls without the hassle

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is nicknamed “Pulau NTU” for a good reason — because it’s tucked away in the tropical jungles on Singapore’s west coast. Moving in and out of the halls can get a little troublesome, but NTU students aren’t alone in this struggle. Saddled with the unavoidable hassle of transporting textbooks, computer monitors, and mini-fridges, many university students don’t have it easy. After all, who has time to review lectures or attend co-curricular activities when you must make multiple trips to properly set up your room? With GetGo, you can choose from different vehicle types to match the items you need to transport. Exams might be stressful, but moving in and out of the halls doesn’t have to be. 📚

08 • Enjoy a peaceful day with the seniors in your life

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Nothing beats spending quality time with your loved ones, especially the elders in your life. Take your parents or grandparents out for a relaxing day with GetGo’s vehicles — they’ll surely appreciate your thoughtful attention. You can take it slow and head to a spot that reminds them of the good old days. Using a car lets you devote your full attention to your loved ones instead of worrying about the most convenient way to take them out to enjoy quality time together.

09 • Show your friends from abroad around the city

(Photo adapted from: The Smart Local)

Give visitors a tour of Singapore in style! With GetGo, you not only have access to standard cars that’ll get the job done, but also luxury vehicles that’ll really impress your guests. Show off your favourite leisure spots with the Polestar 2, Mercedez Benz C180, or BYD Atto 3. These cars are loaded with features that’ll level up any visitor’s impression of our city. The freedom of the open road makes it simple to create an unforgettable experience. You can show them the iconic Peranakan houses in Joo Chiat, zip over to Singapore Botanic Gardens, and end the day by bringing them to Sentosa. They’re bound to have memories that’ll last them a lifetime!

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