Debunking the most common carsharing myths


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Take hearsay about carsharing and mix it with a little fear of the unknown — and what you get is a whole lot of hesitation on trying out carsharing.

The reality is that carsharing gives you a lot of freedom — and it’s gaining popularity in Singapore as a way to drive without the financial burdens that come with owning a car. You can also book a car anytime anywhere, making it really convenient, too!

We think that it’s time to debunk some of the top myths around carsharing so that you can make a more informed choice for yourself.

01 • Carsharing is expensive 

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We’ve lost count of just how many times we’ve heard this. A lot of people think that the costs of booking a car really add up because you need to spend on many of the same things a car owner would spend on.

The truth is, carsharing actually alleviates a huge portion of these concerns. For one, you can save up on hefty expenses like COE, petrol, car loan repayments, insurance coverage, and routine servicing. 

Here’s a handy guide to help you compare the costs of carsharing and car ownership. You’ll see that even when you add up all the costs and variables, carsharing is still less expensive than owning a car.

02 • Carsharing requires paying deposits and hidden costs

Another common misconception is that carsharing ties you down with deposits and membership fees, or that there are hidden fees lurking around. This isn’t entirely true.

While some carsharing companies may require you to pay a deposit or membership fees when you sign up, others may only require you to pay for the time and mileage driven. Here’s a hint — we don’t require a deposit or membership, and you only need to pay as you go for your drives. 😉

03 • It’s hard to find carsharing vehicles

We get why you might be worried about this. Sometimes, depending on your location, it may be a little hard to find a vehicle that’s close to you.

However, as carsharing becomes more and more popular, it’s only going to get easier to find cars around you. In fact, for most residential neighbourhoods in Singapore, you can probably find one just 5 minutes away from your location.

Curious about how close a GetGo car is to you? Try searching for one in our interactive map. 📍

04 • I won’t be able to find a vehicle for my needs

Here’s one of the top reasons why the carsharing community loves using this service — they get to drive different cars for different needs.

Sounds wild, right? Well it’s true. Unlike car ownership which ties you down to one car for a long time, carsharing allows you the freedom to choose a car based on your current needs.

You can book an electric van for your IKEA haul one day, and then switch to a luxury sedan for your date night the next. 🤩

Did you know that someone even used our car for their wedding? Read all about it.

05 • No driving licence or experience is needed for carsharing

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We’re all about giving people the freedom to drive. But first and foremost, you do need a driving licence and some road experience before you can get behind the wheel, and carsharing is no exception to this rule. This is for your safety and that of other road users.

If you’re curious about carsharing but have yet to earn your licence, check out our easy guide on how you can get a driving licence.

06 • Carsharing is complicated

Don’t get carsharing confused with traditional car rental, which involves paperwork and requires you to head down to a sales office. 

Carsharing is easy-peasy by comparison — as everything from signing up to booking a car and driving can all be done in a single app.

Did we mention that you can even unlock and lock your booked car through the GetGo app? Yes, you can. 😎

07 • Carsharing is only for young people

It’s true that carsharing is a hit among young people, but it’s actually a more inclusive service than you may think. Our carsharing service, for instance, is widely used by people ranging from middle-aged professionals with families to retired seniors.

Still have your doubts? Find out if carsharing is right for you.

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Here’s to driving!
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